I am sad to see Newton Mail being shut down on September 25 of this year. We did a full Newton Mail Review earlier this year on our site since the app and desktop client were so great. Newton Founder and CEO Rohit Nadhani announced via their blog that the service needs to shut down due to lack of revenue.

“We explored various business models but couldn’t successfully figure out profitability & growth over the long term. It was hard; the market for premium consumer mail apps is not big enough, and it faces stiff competition from high quality free apps from Google, Microsoft, and Apple.”

Rohit Nadhani went on to announce plans to refund users for their purchase

“We will now disable new sign-ups and not renew monthly subscriptions effective immediately. We will also refund the annual subscriptions on a pro-rata basis. We are working with the App Store, and Play Store authorities, to set up partial refunds. We will be publishing instructions to claim your pro-rata refunds no later than September 18th, 2018.”

Newton Mail was a great platform that was available on all modern platforms, including Windows 10, Android, macOS, iOS, and smartwatches. Newton launch in 2013 as Cloudmagic which caught on with over 4 million users then in 2016 went subscription-based getting over 40,000 paid subscribers.

This is a really solid email app and it’s sad to see it go as the premium features I felt were worth the price of a subscription. I think not only is it hard to launch a premium email client in this era but so many people just read their email via web and with instant messaging becoming the standard rather than email anymore it’s hard to get people to spring for a premium email app.