I recently started to test the Newton Mail client after hearing a lot about it online over the last we weeks and I have to say it was a great client. Newton Mail is different kind of email client providing different features than most which made it very unique for an only one-year-old piece of software.

Newton has a very Gmail look and feel on both mobile and desktop so it’s an easy transition and it’s nice to use a client on the desktop then to have to keep my browser open to email. There is no built-in calendar unlike Outlook for example and no to do list features it just an email client. Which is fine just like Spotify focus just on music Newton’s focus is just on email.

Newton mail had some great features that I thought were very cool and different compared to most on the market. I liked the send later feature which allows you to compose an email and schedule when to send it to the recipient.

The snooze feature is something different I have not seen on any other email client allowing you to temporarily remove an email from Inbox, and get it back at a more convenient time. For example, an email you get on your phone that you may not want to address until you’re at your laptop you could swipe the email on your phone and hit “Snooze to Desktop” and the email will be waiting for you open your laptop.

Undo Send is another feature I really liked Gmail has something like this as well it lets you pull back an email you accidentally sent. You must notice the mistake in about 30 seconds but it’s there in case you forgot an attachment or notice a typo right after you send the email.

Read Receipt is very handy I love read receipt to me this was the best part of the platform. Read Receipts comes standard on every email sent from Newton. You can also choose to get notified as soon as someone reads your email. As a business, man this is unbelievably handy no more wondering did that person get my email I love this feature.

Newton offers a ton of great third-party app support like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, Zendesk, Salesforce or Asana which is something I really wish Gmail and Outlook both did this better but Newton defiantly does this right.

Newton mail client is compatible across all platforms Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Since you need to make a Newton Mail account it syncs across all platforms as well which is something that is really useful especially if you’re running on different platforms like Windows and iOS or Android and Mac.

There is one concern a friend brought to my attention since Newton needs to access your email their privacy policy states that they have complete access to your email. “We then use the authorization provided to download your emails on the cloud and push to your devices. We use AWS servers to store your data: emails and authorization.” But with a service that’s syncing your email like this, I would expect this to be the case.

Newton has a lot of great features but comes at a steep price on 50 dollars a year. However, after the first few days, you get a coupon for 20% off which would knock your first year down to about 40 dollars a year which is not too bad. I am not sure there is enough value for me to buy this software as Apple mail serves my needs pretty well but I have to say Newton is best email app I have used on both mobile and desktop to date.