The Surface device, code-named Andromeda, has been in development for a few years and seems to be the culmination of several similar projects that Microsoft worked on in the past. Tech-savvy readers will remember the Courier foldable tablet that was supposed to compete against the original iPad. A few years ago Microsoft also canceled an even more portable Surface laptop, the Surface Mini.

Of course, Microsoft could always cancel the Surface Phone, but evidence obtained by The Verge seems to suggest that Microsoft is determined to see this one through. Technology advanced to a point where it’s possible to design powerful yet pocketable devices that can run a full operating system like Windows 10 and offer a sophisticated feature like a bendable display.

According to a Microsoft internal email obtained by The Verge, Andromeda is a dual-display device that’s also going to be pocketable. Here’s how Microsoft describes the device:


I hope I am wrong but I just don’t see this device taking off for Microsoft unless they target it at the business market.