Every year companies, individuals, and government execute projects for the different purposes. There are few projects that are done for financial gains, but not meant for any financial gains. Whatever goal your project is all about, the failure or success depends on how well you manage it.

Project management AI: A dream come true

That is where tech gets in to help shake things up.  And, AI is becoming a key player that shapes how projects are run. A recent report by Gartner(201) predicted how artificial intelligence integration into the workforce would be an essential by  2012. The research titled, “Conversational AI to Shake up Your Technical and Business Worlds,” predicted how how different business aspects inclusive of project management could rely on the conversational artificial intelligence such as Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

Today, AI is all over in the realms of project management.

AI is here with us. But, most people(including project managers), often find the concept of integrating AI often challenging. They are not sure how they could derive from adopting AI. But, the increased use of AI in project management means there are specific benefits of the technology in meeting the challenges related to project management.

AI and the future of project management

The concept of machine learning is already taking over the spheres of project management. The hope basket huge. There are those that think  that AI could outperform a project managers in some aspects. For example, a  DWBI survey revealed that about  51% of people assume project managers as lazy individuals taking the credit of their team. They, according to the survey, fail to undertake any real planning. The respondents  welcomed  the idea of a project management AI on the basis of freedom from human and cognitive flaws. Some of the flows AI could help with include  bias, errors and lack of knowledge.

What are some of the benefits project managers could derive from  investing  project management AI? How is it going affect how projects are managed in the future?

Here are some of the lead reasons they consider:

  • Sustainability

Project managers, business leaders, and experts carry loads of responsibilities. AI helps them automate some of the tasks, taking away their brain toll. A human project manager is susceptible to fatigue when subjected a retinue of activities that goes with project management. But, AI-based project management system would not tire out. As a result, it becomes ideal for helping them avoid issues burnout, that would hinder the delivery of the project.  Besides, project management AI will sustain a higher level of accuracy than human input and at a much better precision. As a result, it leads to elimination of the typical bottlenecks that would otherwise derail the project.

  • Improved learning capabilities

Some work environments have  risky work conditions. Thanks to integrated AI, it becomes much easier to detect the likelihood of an accident just from the analysis of warning signs, For example, AI learns and interprets the project’s data such as equipment performance, employee effort and other qualities to predict unsafe behavior. That way, it becomes easier to  alert the relevant authorities to prevent a potential disaster. That would also lead to better understanding of the project and team by the manager overseeing them.

  • Resource matching

Project management AI brings a great deal of effective resource allocation through ERP Software to improve the process further. With the machine learning capabilities bringing forth local knowledge, the resource allocation process would determine the best areas they can allocate resources to address any shortcomings. The AI management structure classifies the relevant resources available for the project. It also  undertakes a non-biased priority check depending on different algorithms set by the developer. That would include advising on resource assignments, capacity levels of employees and feedback of the employees’ behaviors.

  • Better knowledge management and decision making

Perhaps the essential benefit of AI in project management is the capability of the technology to peruse large volumes of data and offer real-time solutions on what steps to take. The use of the AI software could offer project managers better  experience of managing projects. On top of that AI offers ability to communicate the data with others. The software offers project managers better insights on how  effectively they can deliver the project. It also offers insights into the future possibilities on the project.

Are project managers ready for AI-based systems?

There are plenty reliable project management tools out there that project managers can take advantage of.  Despite the benefits and many project management AI tools out the, the the uptake is still very slow. Even some of industry veterans are still being skeptical of effectiveness of AI-enabled PM systems in relieving them from handling tedious tasks that go with project management.  Despite all that go-slow,  PM management is still a big sensation in the industry. According to Atlassian study, 39% of workers are already using  AI in their projects. Besides, the study projects that the use of AI will have increased to 87% by 2020.


AI is still big news in the field of project management. Despite the slow adoption, there is no denying that project management has an appetite for AI. AI-based project management systems will see a considerable impact on the team performance and the outcomes of the project. Besides, managers would not have to struggle with repetitive tasks that suck off time and energy. Instead they will focus on other equally important tasks.

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