As I mentioned in a previous post I had recently purchased some new hardware in the form of an iPad Air, Magic Keyboard, Case, and Apple Pencil. Once I got the hardware figured out I decided to start with the next step the iPad apps. 

The first thing I noticed about my new device is how many iPad apps I needed. I live a very app-rich lifestyle I guess you could say. I first needed Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and OneDrive to work. After I was done writing my article I needed to download the WordPress app on a PC I can do this right through my web browser here I used the app it was easier for me. 

To create the featured image I just took a screenshot and cropped it with Apple Photos I know I could have used Adobe Photoshop Light but I figured it’s already installed just use that with my Apple Pencil. After coping that up through the WordPress app I was ready to post. While I do find the process at times a little more tedious I do thinks it’s something I could do every day. 

For the rest of my workday, I found myself using my calendar app Tiny Calendar, Mail App, OneNote, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets. I can honestly say using my iPad all day working with Google Sheets and Google Excel the Apple Pencil worth its weight in gold. I did need to post content so I downloaded Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

I wanted to chat with my wife and family so I downloaded WhatsApp. Since I wanted to chat with my friends I downloaded Discord and Google Hangouts. I wanted to listen to music so I downloaded the Spotify app and I wanted to listen to a podcast so I downloaded Pocketcast. 

After work, I used my iPad Air to consume content so I download Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Peacock, Discovery+, and Disney+. When I had to check on my bank information I downloaded my bank app. I needed to download the Amazon iPad app as well as Walmart and Target to buy things we needed for the house. 

One thing I noticed is by the end of the day how many apps I had installed and in thinking to myself I do not have this many install on my laptop. So I pulled out my MacBook and after some examination, I did notice a few things. I do have the desktop client installed for Discord, Spotify, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. I started to realize that on the desktop the reason I have fewer apps is that most of these tasks are done through the browser. I guess technically I could download Chrome on the iPad and see if I can do things through that the apps are a better experience. 

On the desktop, we have been moving to web apps but yet on the iPad, we are living in an app for every task. I will say I do find the iPad a viable solution for light work like I did today but I am not sure it would work for every day but either way I use a lot of iPad apps.