I recently got an iPad Air and while I have been a huge Apple fan for a while I was always a fan of the MacBook Pro, iMac, or MacMini. The last and only iPad I have ever owned was the iPad mini. The mini was and still is a great content consumption device. I loved reading and watching movies, the small form factor was great. Since I will be using this more the bigger screen on the iPad Air is a better idea and the redesign looks and feels great. Using the iPad Air as my daily driver was fun. 

I bought the base iPad Air with 64 gigs of storage and the Apple case with the keyboard. These worked great on the go but I ended up buying the white magic keyboard you would use for the iMac and the Apple Pencil which I will explain in a bit. 

For daily use I find that the iPad does serve its needs for light use when I first wake up in the morning I get my coffee read the news on both Apple News and Google News. Then I check my email, social media, stock market, and things of that nature. 

When I started working I download the Word App and the OneDrive app to start writing. I know I could use pages and iCloud. Since I do pay for iCloud storage but for me Office365 just works better since I have a family plan with 1 TB of storage. 

The first thing I noticed was how much of a pain it was to type on the magic keyboard. I tried both the one with the touchpad and the one without and I can do it for basic typing but for any kind of distance typing, I decided to buy the Bluetooth White Magic Keyboard for my office. The keyboard is bigger and really makes any distance typing much easier on my hands and wrists. I like how the new Magic Keyboard can be recharged I remember in the old days having to constantly change the battery’s on it this is much better. 

The other thing I purchased was the Apple Pencil which to me felt like a splurge but I can really see why people like the pencil after using it for a day. It really does make the usage a lot smoother now granted I am no artist by any means not even close but when I am using the iPad flipping through apps or reading the news the Apple Pencil really makes it much smoother. I really see the appeal even though the cost was little bit much. 

In the long run, I am really happy with the purchase of the iPad so far I love the bigger screen and I do see the appeal of the always-on always-connected device the other day I had an idea for a story and I did not have to wait to start my laptop and open Word. I could reach in my bag and pull out my iPad and start writing in a few seconds.  I really do see the appeal of the iPad especially for a writer or content creator like myself. 

I even found myself using the iPad to record a podcast. After I bought the USB-C to audio adapter. Why go through the hassle of setting everything up where you can just plug your mic into the port on the bottom of the iPad open your app and start recording. I personally don’t even want to admit it but as a content creator, I see the appeal of this device as it makes it easy to produce and edit content easily.