Blogging is the best way to increase conversion rates and site traffic. A blog has versatility, it’s one of the crucial tools that people use to develop and maintain steady website traffic.

But what do you need to do to ensure that your blog is worth the time? Blogging might be intimidating, especially when you know how valuable it can be. It can also be frustrating when you don’t see the results that you had hoped to see.

Luckily, you can do many things to make your blog content improve and get more from the efforts you put. Regardless of the blog’s niche, from health to internet marketing strategy, you can never avoid competition. That’s how life is, but it doesn’t have to kill your marketing efforts.

Instead, you can find a strategy that will help in creating high-quality content. When you find the strategy, you will start seeing positive results.

Here are the tools you can use to improve blog content. Most of them can be easily implanted efficiently and quickly.

  1. BuzzSumo

This deals with the quality of your content. For quality to be ensured, you first need to pick the right topic for every blog. For instance, a health blog should only focus on topics related to health. It should never deviate from health topic as it will affect the overall quality.

BuzzSumo is a tool that will ensure that your blog posts are on topic. It is a simple tool and perhaps that made it popular. All you have to do is input a topic in the search bar and you will get an idea of where you will start.

  1. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with interesting topic ideas. If you have a problem coming up with engaging topics, this HubSpot tool will help you.

It will simplify the work and provide a topic for your next blog post. You just have to input some few keywords. You will get your results and from there, you can tweak a little to suit your needs.

  1. Readability Test Tool

When you rely on your eyes instead of a tool, chances are that you will make some mistakes. You can easily familiarize with your styles such that you will start to believe that all your posts are perfect.

To avoid this, start using Readability Test Tool. The high-quality content strategy is easy to read. Instead of just hoping for the best, use this tool so that you can know for sure that you are on the right path.

  1. Hemingway Editor

Your writing should be bold and clear. This tool will help you with that and you will have a high-quality content strategy without errors and with simple sentences. The tool will highlight areas with problems and provide some additional information.

This tool can be useful especially when you can’t pay someone for essay writing and you have to do all the work by yourself.

  1. Piktochart

Blog content should consist of several images, links and other things that can improve quality. However, you should remember that written content is one option to consider.

If you can’t hire a professional designer, and if you don’t have the skills, piktochart will help you. This tool helps you to efficiently create high-quality infographics.

Piktochart provides many features that will ensure that your infographic is unique. You can edit fonts, text, colors etc.

  1. Google Analytics

Most people think of the tool as one that provides analytic data such as top sources, visitors to a site and top keywords. However, remember that some of the data can be used to create high-quality marketing efforts.

Google Analytics helps in creating high-quality content using the past data.

  1. WordCounter

Long form content offers a great opportunity to drive more traffic. But this doesn’t mean that you can write anything long and get the results. The long form content should be high-quality if you want it to produce.

You should keep track of the word count of each blog post. Google Docs and Microsoft Word have an inbuilt counter that can help you. But if you need a more advanced solution, you can use WordCounter.


With these tools in mind, you will easily realize the importance of investing enough money, time and resources into the blogging strategy.

But you should also remember that blogging isn’t the same as blogging with purpose.

If you want your content to generate positive results, you should focus on the quality of the content marketing strategy.