The exam season is on. With upcoming exams like JEE 2018, MAT, AIPVT, VITJEE, MUOET and OJEE Exam 2018-2019, around the corner it is very important for students to be prepared, positive and most importantly healthy. Here are some of the top healthy tips for the students this exam season.

Enough time for self study

The students should give themselves enough time to study. Sometimes the group studies with friends take a lot of time and the students are not able to find time for the self study. In such cases, self study should be encouraged to make effective utilization of the time and efforts. To sort it out even a bit more, the students should prepare a time table in order to organize the study accordingly.

Using flow diagrams and charts


It has been observed that the visual aids are really very helpful in terms of studying and revising. Before starting a topic, the student must write down everything and carefully make notes in the form of tabular formats, graphs, diagrams or anything which is more understandable to them. This has to be done in order to prepare for the examinations in an appropriate manner.

Practice and Practice

The students must concentrate on practicing a lot. The students can find out the practice sets from the old question papers, previous examinations, test notebooks, and so on. Some online resources can help you study for no charge at all, like a free MCAT practice test. Practice is a must to enhance the skill of learning and growing. The students must make sure that they are spending the right amount of time in order to spend right amount of efforts in each of the section.

A break is necessary

It is good to study as many hours as possible but it is also necessary to take a break for some productive outputs. The efforts will turn into something productive only when you are putting right amount of efforts and hoping for the right amount of productive outputs in order to achieve the desired results. Regular breaks are very essential for the students in order to give a break to their minds in the most appropriate manner.

The students should opt for a routine which suits them the best. If they are comfortable with a larger break, then one must go with it otherwise you can also take a small break in order to get the best out of the existing time.

Also, try not to feel guilty if you go out to enjoy the sunshine or the rain for quite some time. Always remember vitamin D is essential for our bodies. Sometimes it is good to enjoy the nature than being hunched over the textbooks.

Consider eating healthy food


It is essential to take some nutrition rich food in order to keep your energy levels high. The junk food will lead to disasters so it’s better to stay away from it for a while.

The mind and the body should be kept fuelled up with the nutritious foods such as fish, nuts, yogurt, and blueberries, and so on in order to focus and improve concentration. Excess of sugar should be avoided as it may lead to crashing down of the energy levels. It also causes drowsiness.

Planning is a must

All the rules and the requirements of the examination must be checked in advance and the students must plan their routes and journey in order to prepare for the most awaited trip i.e. the final examination. The clear guidelines and the pattern of the examination must be clear to the students.

They must prepare well in an organized and systematic manner to achieve the desired results. The students must work out to know how long it will take them to reach their destination. Will they require some extra time or efforts? This will help them in planning out for the examinations in a more appropriate way. It is very necessary to stay punctual and maintain a time table.

Specifically, if you are preparing for exams like IES Exam 2018-2019, it is very important to plan well in advance. Focus more on your weak areas and spend less time on areas with less weightage. Plan in such a saw, that it leaves with ample of time to revise and rest.

Drink Water in Plenty

It is very crucial for the students to eat a healthy diet which is well balanced and involves lots of water in it. It is necessary to have a diet which is rich in vegetables, food grains, dairy, fish products, poultry and many other things rich in oil, fiber and proteins.

The nutritional needs of the student must be fulfilled as this is something which will enable the students to perform to an optimum level in the most appropriate manner. The adequate amount of nourishment is required in order to fuel the brain in the right amount and in the right direction. It will help preventing illness and will lead to better understanding and concentration.

Adequate sleep is must


The examinations can sometimes cause exam fever to the students and this can be avoided only if the students are focused and aware of the fact that adequate sleep is necessary for the better results.

The students should atleast take 6-8 hours of sleep in order to maintain a good healthy and mental condition during the examinations. Adequate sleep helps in boosting the short term memory and will ultimately lead to better grades.