Many military professionals leave the core and wonder what’s next? Is a career in tech something that fascinates you? If so, you will happy to know that there are grants for military veterans to go to school in any field, but there are also some specific to the tech industry. In addition to understand what tech job will suit your knowledge, military veterans should also think about their resume and education when looking to transition into technology jobs.

Why Choose a Career in Technology

For many in the military, it’s an easy transition from the military space to the tech space. That’s because a lot of the jobs are technical and require deep understanding of networks and security systems. If you did any kind of computer or engineering work in the military, you are well suited for technology-based jobs. In addition, technology work is for the curious mind. It’s always progressing, changing, and evolving. Chances are that you can be apart of a whole new technology or even invent something new yourself just by working in this field.

Best Transferable Skills From Military to Tech

You probably have a lot of experiences with processes, putting things together, understanding policies, and communicating priorities. The tech industry needs these soft skills. It’s also about the mentality of military veterans who come from an “adapt-and-overcome” world, which is suitable for technology where everything is in constant development.

Perseverance and curiosity are key to understanding how to program and become a software engineer.

Familiarity with Current Technology

The military already teaches you to use a lot of gadgets and gear that weren’t around just a few years ago. For example, you may have learned to use GPS tools, drones, radar equipment, computer programs, cyber security, and other computer applications. All of these tools and equipment can serve you well in different careers.

Here’s a few to look at:

  •  Information Technology Specialist
  •  Systems Analyst
  •  Cyber Terrorism Specialist
  •  Cyber Security Manager
  •  Application Developer

Cyber Security is in Demand

  •  Data Analyst

Businesses in every industry are looking for professionals who understand how to build safe and secure networks for their offices, as well as building safer websites and online customer service databases that won’t be susceptible to DDoS attacks. You should look at an industry niche that you like and find out what is necessary for businesses to be compliant. You can expand your skill set and get a certification for a leg up into the industry. There are plenty of online courses and certifications that you can earn from home.

Get a Grant for School

There are tons of grants for military veterans. All you have to do is look online for any type of veteran school scholarship or technical grant to get into a new career. You can typically apply for these online, and you’ll be able to use the funds for any kind of degree. There are some limitations depending on the accreditation, and there are also scholarships available for those who have specific commendations or other unique characteristics, such as being a parent in the military.