The use of visuals for content in SEO has been a hot topic in digital marketing. The fuss is however called for. The use of images has seen an increase in traffic to many websites. More so, images have been widely used in enhancing brand awareness, engaging audiences and helping them understand a product better.

The same emphasis that is being put in using images in content is the same one that is being put on using high-quality images. Well, this must be because images will only breed desirable results if they are quality. By quality images, SEO experts mean the use of images that will move the audiences. It could start by use of an image enhancer to boost its quality before posting and so on. How else do you choose the best image for your design?

  1. Choose images that are relevant to your content

The audience has to make sense out of your picture at first glance. It is the only way that they will be compelled to see what more you have got for them. The first thing that people will see when they visit your site is the images, they will then proceed to your content. Failure to do so will not make the photos capture the readers’ attention the way it is supposed to.

  1. Do not focus too much on stock photos

You must be wondering why people are always against stock images. Well, despite the easy access, they might not be the best images to use if you are looking to drive traffic to your website. There are other sites with compelling images that you could use instead.

For instance, you can check out Flickr. With that, you will get images that are unique and will help you in setting a solid foundation for your brand. Do not be lazy. Once in a while, you could also consider calling in a professional photographer to help with creating unique and original images for your content.

  1. Stay updated

It is time to ditch the same old photos. They will become a bore and no longer attract clients to your website. Go out of your way and produce images that are up to date. They will have the same effect on your site that fresh content has.

Outdated images may at times be misleading, once the audience finds that out they will be reluctant to visit your site or even identify with your content as you will lose credibility which is the recipe for brand loyalty.

More so, who doesn’t want to bump into current stuff, something that they have not come across before? No one. You are more likely to grab the attention of your audience if you have something new to show them.

  1. Choose big images

Well, as much as you are often advised to mind the size of the pictures you use on your pages so that you don’t slow it down, you need them. There are other many ways that you could optimize your images for high loading speed. Why big photos? Remember the goal here is to get noticed.

There is a higher chance of a visitor scrolling through minute images. For big images it is different they are more likely to compel the visitors and get them to have a look at your content. More so, you will be able to pass your message easier than with using the small images. However, as you opt for the bigger images, it is also essential that you ensure that the quality is unmatched. It is the only way that they will create the effect you anticipate on your clients.

  1. Use Infographics

For those that are not familiar with the term, Infographics are the visual representation of information. The aim of using them is to decode otherwise complex information through the use of images. It is for that particular reason that you need to make use of Infographics in your content. It is especially advisable if you use them for graphical presentation and complex content. It will give your audience a better understanding hence boost engagement.

Note that most users will leave if they find that they are unable to wrap their minds around what you are trying to communicate. Also, some of the complex content can be boring; Infographics will come in handy in spiking their interest. You will be surprised by how much effect Infographics have on the brain. If you use the right Infographics, you will get desirable results. Also, you are always allowed to seek help if you get stuck in creating them.

The use of images in content certainly affects the traffic that you will drive to your website. This will, however, work if you put into consideration the factors above.