Your brand name is essential. Other than letting people know that your company exists, it also allows people to discover who you are and what does your brand stand for. There are several ideas that a brand name can suggest, based on what you intend it to be. For instance, you might want it to be bold and quirky, simple and cute, smart and edgy and the like. Hence, selecting a brand name and having the logo made is not an easy task. It needs both your creative and analytical skills.

Are you planning to start your own business? If yes, then selecting a brand name is essential. Here’s how you should go about it:

  1. Understand your purpose

It means toknow what you are here to do. Is your service something unique? Do you wish tocater only to a niche audience? You need to delve deep on these questions. Onceyou have answers to these questions, you can form your brand name. Here youalso need to keep in mind the tone and feel you want to reflect in your logo aswell. Today, there are expert names like BrandRootthat helps companies create theirbrand names and logo and survive excellently in today’s competitive market.

2. Know thatsimple is strong

When you arebrainstorming for a brand name, it’s always best to keep it simple. The idea isto create a strong and lasting impact in the minds of the people with yourbrand name. And this can be done with a simple and reliable brand name. Keepinga one to three-word name is good. That way your customers will find it easy toconnect and recall as well. Choose a word that defines your company motto,product, and your brand philosophy as well.

3. Opt-in for adescriptive brand name

When youopt-in for a descriptive brand name, it draws the image of your brand vividlyfor your customers. For instance, if you want to offer natural, fat-freegelatos, you can name your companies something like Natural Gelato. Or if youare into electronics, you can call it something like Speedy Electronics orsomething in this light to denote what your business is like. Later on, withservice providers like BrandRoot, youwill be able to translate this mental imagery into a logo that also denotes thesame element.

4. Think of your target audience

Thinking of your target audience helps you to know whom you are catering. When you know the demographics, you will be able to create a name that reflects those aspects that your target audience is searching in a brand. Your brand shouldn’t have a product that caters to the masses and a brand name that is exquisite and seems like catering to the niche audience.  It will confuse your audience and also mix the marketing objectives. Avoid this by drawing sync between your brand name and your target customers.

Your brand name is your identity. Hence, you should take ample time to arrive at it. And once you know what name your business brand would carry, you can arrange the logo design and other elements attached to it seamlessly.