When Spotify first moved into podcasts I did not understand why but after seeing the way things changed for me I understand why Spotify made the move to podcasts. For years I had been using Pocketcast as my main podcasting app. I want to say this is a great app and would still recommend it to anyone who likes podcasts but for me, simpler is easier.

The change to using Spotify as my podcast app happened around July or August. When Joe Rogan moved to Spotify. While this was not a huge thing for me as I am not a huge fan of his there are a few episodes of his show I wanted to listen to every day.

The change happened with the Daily Drive playlist on Spotify where they would though in BBC in a Minute and other podcasts that were a minute or two into my playlist. Then The GetUp playlist happened which is an exclusive podcast that’s short 15-20 minutes long and tosses in a few songs you like.

While none of these could make me completely move over to Spotify I started looking at my Pocketcast list and while I have a few shows on there I could just listen to them all on Spotify and have everything in one app so I started doing them but the cool thing about this is since I started listening to all my podcasts on Spotify. The way their algorisms work I started getting suggestions for great podcasts that I like I never knew about.

I really like Pocketcast but they do not suggest podcasts and they do not mix in the short podcasts I like with playlists of music. While at first, I was not a huge fan of this I ended up really liking all these features and have exclusively switched all my music and podcast listening to Spotify.