I have been playing around with Pocketcast for about a month and I have to say I like it way more than most other podcast apps I have used over the years. To start with I would like to mention that Pocketcast whilejust suffering a major outage this past week was great with their response and kept all their users up to date about the outage. There is something to be said about a company that handles an outage well and keeps users informed every stepof the way.

All that aside I really like the way Pocketcast handles their app on iOS to start with its one of the very few podcast apps that Chromecast which is huge for me since I have a Chromecast in every room. I really like how you can stream podcasts rather than download to listen. I really enjoy how Pocketcast allows you to subscribe to podcasts without havingto download them by default like Apple.

Pocketcast, since it’s not designed by Apple or Google, works on all platforms including a downloadable app for MacOS and Windows 10. This feature is really nice because no matter what operating system platform you are on you can get all your podcasts since you make an account for Pocketcast when you subscribe.

The other great thing is the web-based platform forPocketcast which works out really niceley when you are on Windows 7, Windows 8 or ChromeOS where there is not app support.  This really makes the app available pretty much everywhere and allows you to again save all the podcasts you like to one place.

The main page layout is great as you can see and is easy and smooth to operate and allows you to organize all podcast artwork into whatever order you want them in which is very nice. The filters are nice they let you know new releases, in progress and starred. You can create your own custom filters like downloaded. The Discover feature is self-explanatory it lets you discover podcasts from Pocketcasts huge library or you can manually enters feeds.

Being a big Audible fan, I really like under profile how you have stats like podcasts, hours listened, hours saved, listening history and hours skipped. Audible has a similar feature in their audiobook app that lets you keep track of your listening and can at times entice you to read.

Overall I think Pocketcast is a great app that anyone listening to podcasts would love and should use because it really makes your podcast listening experience much better. Pocketcast makes a great podcast app platform that’s more flexible than any other on the internet.