Since our Beta Program announcement last year, we’ve been testing an enterprise-ready version of Google Voice. Over the next seven days, Google Voice will become available as a core G Suite service for all eligible* G Suite customers (additional fees apply to this new, managed version of Google Voice). This email will help you understand the transition details but you can also refer to the Voice webpage for more information.

What’s changing:

  • Managed Google Voice is available in 3 tiers and will become a core G Suite service for your domain after subscribing to a service tier.
  • Managed Voice accounts will be covered under your existing G Suite agreement and additional Google Voice service specific terms.
  • Support for managed Voice accounts will be the same as other G Suite core services.

What’s not changing:

  • The Google Voice service will remain “on” by default.
  • If users in your domain signed up for Voice prior to this launch, they will be able to maintain their legacy unmanaged Voice subscriptions without additional cost, and will remain subject to the Google Voice consumer terms of service. You can add a Voice subscription and upgrade these users to managed Voice users in your Admin console.
  • Hangouts Meet (also a core G Suite service) is integrated with Google Voice, allowing meeting participants to dial in or be added by phone.

What do I need to do?

  • If you did not participate in the Google Voice Beta Program and would like to use Google Voice for your organization, follow these steps to add a Voice subscription.