Security issues on the internet can arise from many different sides. Though we often believe that viruses and other forms of malware are greatest threats that World Wide Web has to offer, situation is actually a lot more complicated than that. Our security is also challenged by the level of surveillance on the web, because practically our every step can be easily monitored, and in that monitoring helps everything – from your browser to your operating system.

This is the reason why more and more people opt out for using alternative versions of operating systems, and so far Linux has proven to be at the very top. Fedora and Ubuntu are thus far the best offspring of Linux family, which is why security-conscious internet users often choose one of them as their OS. However, with alternative operating systems come compatibility issues that need to be considered, because you’ll face some difficulty when wanting to install different apps and plugins. Further more, if you strive to be as protected as possible on the web, then getting a VPN to match your alternative OS might be a good idea, because that way you’ll cover every aspect of your security. Seeing that compatibility problems stretch over VPN apps as well, here are some of them that will fit like a glove with your OS.

Cyber Ghost


We’ll start with a VPN that can grant you solid protection and which you can get without paying a dime. Cyber Ghost in its free edition can give you a good Open VPN protocol along which also comes unlimited bandwidth, which is pretty good for a free VPN. You will also get a kill switch, which will protect you from losing your privacy if you lose your VPN connection. One of the best things about Cyber Ghost is that is keeps no logs of their users’ activity, but there are downsides like waiting in line to get connected and you can only use designated number of servers, which isn’t optimal. Downloading torrent files could also prove to be problematic, but all things considered, Cyber Ghost gives a lot given it is free.

Pure VPN


This VPN provider has made its name in VPN circles thanks to its reliability and good customer reviews. Pure VPN has over four hundred servers worldwide, which means that getting around geo-blocking will be a piece of cake, no matter where you are. When it comes to security, with this virtual private network you’ll get 128-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure protocols and is logically unbreakable. The company can mask and hide your IP address with other 80,000 they have for the sole purposes of keeping their users’ location private. They do keep some logs, but their Privacy Policy is transparent and once you read it, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Express VPN


One of the things we liked the most about Express VPN is that you get a long trial period to try it out – you can use it for thirty days, and if you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to pay for it. However, this company is quite assured that you won’t want to move on from their services, as their systems work almost impeccably and they take great pride in that. Their servers are regularly updated, while the configuration process for connecting to the servers is simple and you only have to do it once. What’s more, compatibility with your antimalware programs is practically guaranteed and this VPN will mask your IP address easily and effectively. From everything Express VPN has to offer, it’s hard to imagine that they only recently made their VPN services fit for Linux.

Strong VPN


Here’s a familiar name for anyone who explored VPN services on the internet. Strong VPN hasn’t been around for long, but judging by the experiences their customers have, there’s a lot of good to take into account. The company offers 250 servers that are scattered all over the globe and their positions are strategically optimal. As for the IP address, they have some 8,000 to hide your own and their VPN for Linux and all its products works quite well. What especially recommends this VPN service is its price that is quite affordable, especially if you buy it for the whole year.

Buffered VPN


Buffered is another young company that is gaining popularity quite quickly thanks to its combo of prices and quality service. According to their website, they have servers in fifteen different countries worldwide and their bandwidth is quite satisfactory. When it comes to connectivity, we haven’t found any serious users’ complaints, which means that there aren’t any particular problems on that front either. However, it’s important to note that this provider keeps logs for a certain amount of time, which dampens the good impression a bit.

To conclude, more and more companies every day work on making their VPN services compatible with Linux OS, so you will definitely find that will work without a glitch. These are selected few to help you decide what exactly do you want from your VPN provider and who can accommodate those needs.


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