Since hurricane Sandy there has been people without election for over 10 days in places like New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Due to this issue people have been relying on generators to run there households, the issue being fuel is becoming scarce in places like New York and New Jersey.  Some people have decided to make money on people’s misfortune and suffering.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation of price gouging following Sandy devastation, saying Craigslist has been subpoenaed to identify the advertisers of items including 12 gallons of gas for $300.  The average gouge includes $17 worth of fuel selling for $150.

The official of the Attorney General is said to be targeting about 100 ads, and is investigating some 600 price gouging complaints from New York City, Westchester County and Long Island.

New York law prohibits taking advantage of consumers by selling goods or services for an “unconscionably excessive price” during an emergency.