Java in no doubt is the number one programming language and its wide use all over the world helps it sustaining its numerous position. Numerous Software is based on Java programming languages which are used in computers, mobile phones, web development and etc. Java was taken over by Oracle providing cross platform computing systems for developing application Software.

J2EE as many will know stands for Java 2 Enterprise edition which is mainly used for creating web based enterprise application online. With its popularity and easy functioning it is being largely used in Java Application Development.

Java has been in the computer industry for approximately 2 decades and its road to success is quite noteworthy. With changing technologies that too rapidly Oracle Java has come a long way and with emergence of smart and trendy J2EE the join forces have already started to create wonders. Some combinations are worth remembering as they provide with all the comforts to its users and the combo of Java and J2EE belongs to the same category.

The combination of Oracle Java and J2EE helps in following:

  • Various Developments – The combination of Oracle Java and J2EE are mainly used by Java Application Development, web applications, client server application and etc. As these two have easy framework developers finds them most appropriate for development.
  • Integration – This combo also enables the developers to operate web services, transactions and providing security to websites.

Pros of Technologies

  • Informative – Technology helps in providing information. With just a single click we can get numerous results for our query. We can get knowledge about anything with the help of technology.
  • Increase Efficiency – Technology often helps in making our work load easier. With the help of internet we can do lot of work in quick time which otherwise used to take time.
  • Communications – Technologies like emails, faxes, chatting apps and etc. have allowed fast communications. You can communicate with your relatives and customers over such devices without waste of time.

Cons of Technologies

  • Unavailability – Technologies isn’t available to everyone. Many places still doesn’t blessed with basic amenities so thinking of technological availability in these areas is still a long process.
  • Ever Changing – The phrase “The most constant thing is change” can be absolutely linked to technology. With its ever changing nature technology rapidly becomes obsolete with launch of new versions.
  • Expensive – Technology comes with a high price tag. Major technological devices are expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone. Sometimes technology remains to be approachable by only rich people.

With passing times and technology changing overnight it’s difficult to be informed about each and every change therefore it’s important for developer and Java Development Company to be in touch with all the changes going through the technologies associated with their interests. For good developer having proper knowledge about programming tools and languages is must as it can open new ways of success for the developer. Also Java Development Company searches for such developers who have proper knowledge of all the related terminology for software, web and application development.

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