The laptops are the highly portable computers serving us to complete our day-to-day tasks. Unlike the desktops, the Laptops have a shorter life span, and they’ve to be upgraded time to time. The Laptops are not upgradable at full extent; that’s why we have to purchase a new laptop to replace the older one.

Choosing the Best Laptop is quite a complicated task. We have to take care of multiple factors before buying a brand new laptop. It is not easy as purchasing groceries for your home. If you are thinking to purchase a new laptop, then you should know the things to consider before buying a new laptop. In this post, we will share the essential things to consider before buying a new laptop from the store.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Laptop

  • Brand:

If you are purchasing a laptop for the first time, then it is highly advised to check out the branded laptops. The Branded laptop comes with the after-sales benefits and good build quality. There is a guarantee with the branded laptops which will help you to get technical support for the laptop. There are many top laptop brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. who sell the laptops.

The Best Laptop Brands have the many laptop series available for the customers. So, you have to check out the laptops according to the design and the specifications.

  • Use:

Before purchasing any laptop, you should know how you are going to use it. If you are looking for a laptop to do the basic office stuff, watching movies and surfing the internet, then the entry level laptops are good to fulfill your needs. If you are looking to play high-end games on the laptop, then you should go for the Gaming laptops, as the basic laptops are not capable of playing high-end games. So, deciding the use will help you to buy the right laptop.

  • Specifications:

Checking the Specifications of the laptop is the most important thing. Having a laptop with appropriate specifications will help you to get better performance. You can never compromise on the specifications part while purchasing a laptop. You’ve to check out the specs like the Processor, RAM, Graphics and the Storage options in the Laptop.

The CPU is the brain of any laptop computer. Without the CPU, you cannot start the laptop. The most common CPU/Processors used in the Laptops are Intel Core i3/i5/i7, Intel Pentium, AMD A Series and AMD E-Series. The Intel Pentium, i3, and AMD E-Series Processors are suitable for the daily use. AMD A-Series, Intel Core i5, and i7 are good enough for handling formidable tasks like Gaming and Video Editing.

Many budget laptops come with the 2-4GB of the RAM. This much amount of RAM is sufficient to handle basic tasks. But, if you want good performance, then 8GB is good in Basic Laptops and 16GB is enough for High-End Laptops.

In the storage section, there are two standard options available in the laptops. The HDD and SSD. The HDD is the traditional storage device which is bulky and noisy. On the other hand, the SSD is lightweight and silent. SSD is faster than the HDD. So, if you are concerned about the speed of the laptop, then choosing SSD over HDD is always a better option.

  • Screen Size:

The laptops come in different screen sizes. The Laptops with 11 to 12-inch screen are good for school and college use, where you need a small and compact laptop to take notes. The 13 to 14-inch Display laptops are good for the College guys and on-the-go users. The laptops with the 15-inch display are useful for the casual users, who are not going out with the laptops for work or working by sitting at one place. And lastly. The laptops with 17 to 18-inch display are mostly useful for the gamers.

  • Battery Life:

The Laptops runs on the battery power. If you are going to use the laptop on-the-go, then you will need the long battery life. You cannot compromise on the battery life of the laptop unless you have a power outlet to charge it frequently. Most of the laptop manufacturers claim to have the long battery life, which is not true at all. That’s why checking out the third-party opinions is the sound option to get accurate information about the best laptop with good battery life.

  • Budget:

There are many laptops available in the different budget range. But, all of them are not equal or better than others. You can get the cheap refurbished laptops under $200/-, but is it useful for you? No. That’s why choosing the laptop by calculating your total spending capacity is crucial. Please take a look at the type of laptops you can get in particular budget ranges.

  1. $150-250: – Cheapest Notebook Laptops especially made for the low-end users like School and College users. Most of the times you get Chromebooks in this budget range.
  2. $300-700:- Mid-Range Laptops with solid specifications. Ideal for the Basic and Moderate use. This is the most popular budget range with the bunch of good laptops.
  3. $750-1000 and More: –  High-End Laptops with robust specifications for the high-end users. Ideal usage of the laptops in this price range is the Gaming and Resource-Hungry tasks like Video Editing.


Choosing the ultrabook gaming laptop for your needs is a complex task. The Technology is moving with the rapid speed, and any of your gadgets can become obsolete with the innovation. That’s why choosing the laptop which suits your budget and needs is the right thing to do.

If you want to get most from your laptop in the budget you’ve allocated, then following the points mentioned in this post will help you to choose the best laptop. I hope you’ll consider these points before purchasing the laptop from the Store or Ecommerce sites.