The Steve Jobs movie titled Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher will open in theaters on April 19, the movie’s distributor announced on Wednesday.  The indie film, which is set to debut today at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, covers Jobs’ life during the years 1971 through 2000 the time frame covers the founding of Apple, as well as his ouster, the formation of Next and Pixar, and then Jobs’ return to the company when Apple acquired Next.

The first clip for the movie was release yesterday:

Ashton Kutcher who has been known as a technology investor also plays .com billionaire Walden Schmitt in Two and a Half Men.  Steve Wozniak has already stated the movie’s first scene is “not close” and “totally wrong.”  Ashton Kutcher is already being compared to Noah Wyle as he played Steve Jobs in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley most people have said Wyle played the perfect Steve Jobs he had the look, attitude and made the character believable.

We still have sometime before the movie releases in theaters, I myself am very curious to see what other trailers we see over the next few months as this may persuade me to see the movie.

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