I am reviewing another smart band today it’s the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart. I was kind of confused by this band at first as it’s not your run of the mill daily fitness tracker. The device I would describe more as a smart heart rate monitor, personal trainer or even a workout companion. I would not describe the device as an activity monitor since well it does not track daily activity but monitors everything during a workout.

The band really impressed me for starters it’s waterproof and lasted almost a week on a charge. Adidas does say the Adidas miCoach can last 5 days on a charge if you work out an hour a day. Since I don’t workout every day it went over a week before it needed a charge. I was impressed by this considering the Fitbit Flex only lasted 4 days with no heart monitor but again that’s monitoring your movements, sleep and exercise where the Adidas miCoach is only chewing up battery when you’re working out the rest of the time it’s just displaying time, date, and heart rate.

The devices itself when I worked out I loved to death it tells you using lights on the side white meaning you are under your target heart rate, green when you’re in your target heart rate zone and red when you need to back down. When I was doing DDP Yoga I need to stay in my target heart rate zone and it would vibrate every time I needed to slow down or increase my heart rate I loved that feature.

The app itself I think really gives your money’s worth if you buy the band the app and all the workouts are free I think that’s a very fair deal. If you don’t have a band the fitness app has a cost attached. The device works great when paired with the app during the workouts vibrates to keep you looking at your heart rate and to change exercises.

When you run the Adidas miCoach can do the same thing most high-end smart bands and running apps can do by plotting your run course and using GPS for location and directions. One thing the band does that I love is it keeps calories burned, heart rate and distance coming up every time you look at the watch. I was overly impressed with the features for running.

The Adidas miCoach really focus on the workouts by giving you not only stats in the app during and after your work out but by scrolling and flashing them on the screen while you are exercising like time exercised,  distance ran, distance left to run, heart rate and much more. You can start a workout on the watch without your phone or pair the device with your phone before the workout, either way, it will get the information to your device for you to review

The device like I said is an exercising companion, not an all-day fitness tracker. The device itself has a lot of support among other users and a great online community and excellent support for Adidas. The app really lacks any social sharing or ability to connect to other users through the app like Fitbit.

The MiCoach app itself I would rate on par with the FitCoach app. The FitCoach app is a little better having live trainers and at home workouts where Adidas miCoach app has mostly workouts for at the gym, running or biking not so much the casual workouts for the everyday person.

I really think the device itself is a great device for the hardcore exercise person. Someone like me that just wants to get in shape and get more exercise this device may be overkill. I have a friend of mine who is a personal trainer and exercises a few times a day swears by this device because for him his exercises are what he needs to track no just his daily steps or sleep.

Overall I think this is a great device I would recommend it to anyone and the price point is around $79 dollars making the Adidas miCoach affordable for people that want an on their wrist personal trainer or great heart rate and exercise monitor for running or working out.

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