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High-Tech Gadgets for Your Bedroom

smart gadgets
Nowadays, high-tech gadgets can be found and used not only in the living room and kitchen but also in the bedroom. There are smart gadgets for your bedroom that can help you sleep well at night and wake you up in the morning. Some of...
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Game of War- Fire Age Review

There is a gamer in everyone who owns a smartphone. Of all the entertainment options a smartphone offers, gaming holds the no 1 spot. A new game is released every fortnight and app updates periodically. With every new update a new level or character is...
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The Rise of the Hoverboard: Could They Replace Cars?

The evolution of transportation has come quite a long way. Cars and airplanes are the two most recent iterations on the age-old issue of how to get to a location as quickly as possible. Many people, perhaps you included, are excited for the next installment...
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Automated Liquid Handling: Making Laboratories More Efficient

Does your laboratory specialize in high-activity sectors, such as biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, the life and earth sciences, or pharmaceuticals? Are you considering switching out more of the manual processes of pipetting, and investing in automatic liquid handling technologies to keep your operations fast and efficient?...
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Three Game Genres That Every Gamers Love

game controller
According to a 2016 study published by the Entertainment Software Association, there are over 1.8 billion gamers around the world. These billions of tuned-in players are playing games on PC, consoles and mobile devices and they are playing games of various genres too. But, which game...
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Let’s Talk DasPay: How the MobilePay Solution from DasCoin Works

DasCoin has unveiled ongoing plans to launch the first-ever cryptocurrency-based mobile pay solution to help crypto users spend their digital currency in more places. Expected to launch in June 2918, DasPay will help users to spend cryptocurrency directly from their WebWallet account. Other platforms use...
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Pal – The new app to finally make friends

pal app
Pal is a new social app designed at helping users make friends by joining people’s events that are happening around them or meet like-minded people. Finally, not another boring dating app. Whether you are going to the movies, hosting a barbecue or exercising there is always...
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Perfectly Design Your LED Sign Display with These Techniques

led sign
Digital signage is the most powerful device to improve your revenue and decrease cost by giving importance on high scope of items, aptitude to send faster messages, product promotions at any point of purchase, more simply and cheaper in comparison to other forms of signage....
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Periscope vs Meerkat : It’s not even close

Live streaming videos are a big hit now, most of us have accepted them with open arms. Let us begin by understanding what live streaming is : What is live streaming? It is manner with the help of which users get to post and stream...
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