Pajama Pants

Today on the show we talk about people walking around in pajama pants with teddy bears and pacifiers. We get into a deep discussion about Gap closing a bunch of stores and Starbucks price going up 5 to 20 cents making coffee $2.45.  We discuss Atlantic City needing more attractions then just gambling and Amazon Prime Day. My wife joins us for a few minutes to talk about her art work.
Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…
  • Texas man arrested not giving out his Facebook password
  • Oreo cookie changing
  • watermelon smashing on AGT
  • Gap closing a bunch of stores
  • Starbucks price going up 5 to 20 cents $2.45
  • Amazon prime day to push users to prime also 20th anniversary sale day bigger then black friday
  • Atlantic City Needs More Attractions Then Just Gambling
  • 11 year fugutive nabbed purterico
  • Illegal deported five times who shot woman: I came back to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city
  • Facebook’s New Data Center To Be Powered Entirely By Renewables
  • Jolla Spins Off Hardware Business
  • Han Solo To Get His Own Star Wars Movie Prequel
  • Mozilla’s Plans For Firefox: More Partnerships, Better Add-ons, Faster Updates
  • Grateful Dead ‘Fare Thee Well’ tour raked in a record 175,000 paid live streams
  • Penn and Teller on Broadway
  • AC DC now on Spotify