Weird US Laws

Today we start the show off with an update on the show name and the hosting. I open up with a segment talking about Donald Trump and his craziness.  We talk about Apple and letting Taylor Swift do what ever she wants all the time. We go into how amazon review system works and why it’s so important on the internet. We talk about the shuttle app and weird laws used on the USA.
Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…
  • Donald Trump
  • Weird Laws
  • Amazon Overhauling Customer Reviews
  • Windows 10 Will Be Free To Users Who Test It
  • Amazon Is Only Going To Pay Authors When Each Page Is Read
  • Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts
  • Shuttle App
  • Hulu And Showtime Partner
  • Facebook On Stock Market Worth More Then Walmart
  • Craft Gets Purchased By Heines
  • Approval For More Money For Healthcare
  • Companies That Don’t Pay There Sales Tax Can’t Get Government Contracts
  • Ben Affleck To Direct The New Batman Film
  • Walking Dead Poster
  • Selfie Sticks Banned Disney
  • CEO Of Nike Stepping Down
  • Dollar Shave Club Keeps Gillette Up At Night
  • Can Goods Dents

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