Tech-savvy cooks are using iPads as a handy helper in the kitchen. Whether it is to follow a cooking video, to look up a recipe or simply to watch TV series, the usage of iPads in the kitchen is increasing drastically.

iPads help save your kitchen counter space by replacing all your cooking tomes. There are cookbook apps that help you in organizing your recipes and generates shopping lists automatically. There are many other ways iPads can be used in the kitchen? Read more to find out.

Measure Ingredients With A Connected Scale 

The Drop Connected Scale is the coolest accessory for your kitchen. If you are looking for an accessory that can make measuring ingredients easier for you, then Drop is your efficient helper, your kitchen assistant. Drop helps you make quality food at home by connecting the recipes you love with the appliances in the kitchen/  Drop is two things: Drop Scale and a Drop App. The scale measures the ingredients and sends the information to the iPad, whereas the app offers a wealth of interactive recipes that you can customize based on the number of people to serve. The App and the scale together help you cook dinner without anything getting in your way.

Drop keeps track of everything – correct time and temperature. When you are adding ingredients to the bowl, Drop analyzes the difference in the bowl weight, prior and post to adding the ingredient, so it accurately alerts you when you’ve added ample quantity of that ingredient.

Avoid Spills With an iPad Kitchen Stand

While the scale is the coolest accessory for your kitchen, but to enhance your iPad use in the kitchen, a kiosk is the most useful overall thing. Ipad Kiosks are available as counter mounds and wall mounts for the kitchen. And let’s face it, propping an iPad stand against orange is the most temporary of solutions. A good iPad kiosk will save a lot of kitchen counter space. It will also hold your iPad in place so that you can clearly watch cooking videos and read the recipes on the screen.

TIP – Do not go for DIY options for a quicky iPad stand.

Organize your Recipes

The App Store has an app for almost every need. You can find your favorite cookbook in the iBooks store. And if you have a collection of recipes built up on your Kindle, you can definitely read them on your iPad. There are also a lot of recipe apps available on the App Store that you can download to make cooking easy.

If you do not want to go for recipe apps or cookbooks and want to prepare dishes and recipes handed down by a loved one, Big Oven is the app for you. Big Oven not only gives you access to over 35,000 recipes but it also saves your handwritten recipes in a recipe organizer. The App bridges the paper and electronic divide with a scanner, which lets you take photos of handwritten recipes, printed recipes, and cookbooks.


Thanks to the big, easy to use screen, and also to a multiple cookbooks and recipe apps on the App store, that makes iPad a useful kitchen tool.

Cooking can be a messy business, and keeping your iPad away from the turkey gravy is no easy task. There are a lot of generic gadgets like iPad Cases and Chef Sleeves available in the market, but for a hassle-free cooking experience you should use gadgets, mentioned above, that serve as kitchen aids.

TIP – Make sure you protect your iPad from splashes and use a security mount before using it in the kitchen.

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