Regardless of the latest and greatest gadgets available on the market, there is one topic that holds every tech enthusiast’s attention – how to make the most out of battery life. With the capabilities of our favourite gadgets growing each and every day, the average battery is taking a bit of a beating and battery saving apps are springing up left, right and centre, all claiming to improve your tablet or smartphone’s shortfall.

We explore whether these battery saving applications really work and reveal the best battery savers on the market.

Do battery saving apps really work?

Whilst battery saving apps have taken the gadget world by storm in recent years, their rising popularity has led many to question their efficiency and effectiveness.

Battery saving apps are designed to target the poorest performing areas of your gadget and make them more energy efficient thus protecting your battery further. However, many users have reported diminishing battery life due to usage of these apps.

The stop-start effect that these battery saving apps have on other features and applications on your tablet or smartphone has been proven to drain battery life, resulting in mixed reviews. In fact, users have found it much more effective to use more conventional methods of conserving energy, such as keeping conditions cool, organising apps into folders, charging more efficiently and lowering screen brightness.

Top battery savers

Whilst battery saving applications still continue to receive a varied response from smartphone and tablet users in the consumer and corporate markets, some apps have provided a more favourable service for those looking to preserve battery life on that long commute or trip away from the office.

The Battery Doctor is perhaps the most popular application to date and with over 150 million downloads it must be doing something right! The opportunity to customise the functions on this particular app provides an extra advantage for users searching for a less automated approach to battery saving. The widgets offered by the Battery Doctor also offer tips to speed up your smartphone or tablet and bolster performance.

The JuiceDefender’s personalised approach to battery saving and gadget management is also popular with tech enthusiasts and its functions encourage you to prioritise applications to boost power without restricting functionality. The JuiceDefender is extremely easy to use and for less technical users its pre-set profiles give you increased user control without the headache.

Choosing your own battery enhancing app

There are many battery saving applications on the market but these tried and tested apps have proven to be the most useful in limiting battery usage without the automatic stopping and restarting that has given these apps a bad reputation. When making your choice consider testing a selection of leading battery savers to see which app suits your needs more readily.

Never download an app from an illegitimate source (stick to official app stores) or any app that is advertised through another application. The popularity of these apps has made them an important tool for hackers and fraudsters looking to distribute malware. In addition to this, always read reviews before downloading, whilst every customer may not be satisfied, opting for an app with mostly good reviews will determine a clear favourite.

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Brittany Thorley works for Steatite Batteries, and regularly shares her technology and gadget maintenance expertise across the web.