Do you want to become cleverer at once? Google put on the market a new version of the “clever eyeglasses”. Google released a new, complete and renovated version of its “clever spectacles” that is called Google Glass. Besides, the Internet giant reports about the widening of the testing program of the Internet spectacles by opening the access to this gadget to nearly twenty-four thousand of people.

The renewed version of the eyeglasses a little differs from the first one. Perhaps, the main difference that has a new version is an existence of one headphone, which the first version didn’t have. Additionally, software was renewed in the second output. In this case, they became bigger and heavier, that is not convenient for the users.


The representatives of Google approve that an earphone in Glass can be disconnected from the device and its usage isn’t necessary.  Within the next several weeks the number of testers within the Glass Explorers program will be increased, because every of the current users of the glasses will be able to invite three men for testing. Initially, eyeglasses received about eight thousand of testers, and now this number can treble. Let’s remind that Google distributes spectacles to testers not free, but for charge of $1500.

Besides, the testers must be in the USA and have the possibility to go to New York or San Francisco, where they can buy these spectacles.  It is told that it is necessary to show the invitation and pay $1500 and then, wait for the delivery of the spectacles to the house or in the office. “The bigger number of users means the bigger number of feedbacks and the bigger number of the feedbacks means the product of the highest quality” – Google informed.
Let’s note that the company starts delivering newer prototypes of glasses and those who have bought earlier the first Glass test versions can exchange them for a more modern version free of charge. “We want to thank all of our users for the tremendous support and we want to invite more people for testing of new Google Glass”, – the producers reported.

Let’s remind that earlier there were messages from the Google producers that Google Glass release will take place in late spring of 2014 on the mass market. Google also reported that since 2014 there will be a section with programs that connected with Google Glass in the Google Play online catalog.

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