There are many ways to spend our money, but broadly this can be whittled down to two distinct categories of products and services. A product can be simply described as something tangible that can be bought, and owned, held in your hand effectively. A service is something that is done for you, for example, cleaning your car. Subscription services these days are mostly delivered online, it’s fantastic the amount and variety of things that can be subscribed to on the internet. These services are as varied as they are useful and here are 7 of the best online subscriptions that money can buy these days.

Food Deliveries

There is a whole range of food delivery services that exist online and are easily used by the majority of the population. This starts from the simple fact that pretty much every supermarket can allow you to order groceries and have them delivered to you at your home, or even just click and collect, which means that you order online and pick up at the store. But there is also a good amount of gourmet food services, such as those that offer the ingredients and instructions to make quality meals at home.

Netflix & Amazon Prime Video

Watching shows and movies has changed in the last decade since high-speed internet has become the norm. It’s not so long ago that you had limited options for you on-screen entertainment at home, it was pretty much normal TV, cable or a trip to the video store to rent a tape or DVD. But these days services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are leading the way in this regard. Shows like Stranger Things on Netflix or Picard on Amazon are showing that they are not only showing repeats of old content but coming up with classic new content. In fact, Netflix is due to spend $17.3 billion on original programming this coming year.

Online Magazines

Magazine subs are nothing new, however, it’s more and more common that titles are available online and many of them are only available as online content that can be read through readers such as the Amazon Kindle. There are many titles that have moved to be online only.

Gaming Subscriptions

You can get a lot of joy from playing video games and even more so from playing a multi-player version and in the modern era, this is almost exclusively done in an online fashion. This will certainly require a subscription and account creation, meaning a player can improve and build up a character over time, but there is a way of bypassing this time-consuming task as you can buy lol smurf accounts or other games to get a ready-made high ranked account.

Clothes Rentals

Leasing or renting rather than buying is on the rise in so many aspects of life, from motoring to even things like clothes rental. You can rent clothes in many different ways and for so many different occasions, wedding attire is a big one and other formal occasions such as school dances. But you can even rent your everyday wardrobe from a quality supplier. This is a sure way to keep your look fresh and mix it up regularly.

Music Streaming

Now, this is really a type of subscription that almost everyone is getting into, music is something that is central and key to all of our lives. A good track can take us back to important and emotional moments in our past, such as first loves, youthful nights out and even our wedding nights. You can get access to pretty much every song in the world if you subscribe to services such as Spotify or Amazon Music and this allows you to listen to anything at all, and if you shop around you can always find a free offer to get this included with a phone or internet package.


Do you have a love of dogs? Well who would blame you, but we don’t all have the time and the space etc. for keeping a dog full-time. But there are many services online that allow you to pay money to have a dog for a limited period of time, and this can vary from a few hours to a few days. This provides a great service for both you and the dog owner as they get their dog looked after if they are busy or away on holiday and you get some quality time with a pup