With the game-changing Xtra-PC, the days when people had to dispose of dead and slow computers are a thing of the past.

Xtra-PC- What is it?

Xtra-PC is much like a USB drive which the user can insert into a computer’s USB port to enhance the speed of the computer, and even bring a crashed computer back to life.

The device works on the Linux operating system and has an internal storage capacity.

How to use an Xtra-PC?

The process of using an Xtra-PC is as easy as it gets. Using an Xtra-PC is just like using a pen drive or a thumb drive. After purchasing the product, the user just needs to plug the device into the computer’s USB Port, and then, when the device is recognized, and the prompt arrives, can boot the computer to switch to Linux.

If the user’s computer lacks a USB port, he/she might opt for the online software version of Xtra-PC, which works just as well.


Benefits of using an Xtra-PC:

The benefits of using Xtra-PC is many-fold. Its primary objective is to speed up a computer. The user can watch videos, surf the Internet, download files, and play games without any lag whatsoever if he/she has an Xtra-PC connected to the computer. It is equally efficient for both laptops and desktops, and its performance does not vary much based on the original operating system of the computer. Read more about xtra pc device at https://www.holgadirect.com/xtra-pc-reviews/ or visit xtra-pc official website.

Not only does it speed up a computer, but it also brings back to life an old computer that had crashed and hadn’t worked for ages. The Xtra-PC bypasses the machine’s original operating system and makes use of its storage space (if the computer does not have any hard drive) to make it functional and that too at a lightning-fast speed.

It also provides extra storage space, the capacity of which varies from variant to variant, to store the important files and folders.

The strategically used Linux OS on Xtra-PC devices enhances the security of the user’s files and folders as Linux is rarely attacked by malware and viruses. Xtra-PC is also an easy way to use Linux on devices that inherently run on other operating systems.

Where to get an Xtra-PC?

Besides the official site of Xtra-PC, the gadgets are also available at online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

What are the variants available?

As of now, three variants of the Xtra-PC are available in the market. One might choose any variant based on the performance levels that he/she wants his/her computer to achieve. Mentioned below are the details and the pricing of each of the variants.

  • Xtra-PC Pro– This is the fastest and the most popular variant among the three. The Xtra-PC Pro comes with a massive storage space of 64GB in which all the important files and folders can be stored. However, the most attractive and unique feature about the Xtra-PC Pro is its FileRez software, which allows the user to retrieve all the old files from his PC even if it has crashed. Adding all these features to its lightning-fast speed, there are only a few gadgets in recent times that draws more attention and is more useful than the Xtra-PC Pro. Priced at $79.88, it also does not strain the wallet much.
  • Xtra-PC Turbo 32– This model is a step-down from the Xtra-PC Pro, but it still offers an impressive set of features that makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a 32GB storage space and is very light and portable so that it continues to upgrade the performance of a laptop even when the user is on the move.
  • Xtra-PC Turbo 16– The Xtra-PC Turbo 16 is much like the Xtra-PC Turbo 32, only with half its storage capacity. It is also a bit slower from the Turbo 32. It is an affordable option for users who are new to this technology.

All the prices mentioned above are at discounted rates. Keep an eye out for more offers on their official website