Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) brings forth an outstanding system that provides the necessary tools to drive sales. How so? Well, it helps increase profits by automating and organizing processes in the operation of the business. Moreover, it can keep track of the business’s relationship with the customers. Armed with such information, it will then be easier to make customer-based decisions that will profit the business in the future.

In order to make a great business, you should also establish a great relationship with your clients. You can customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to help you improve relationships, earn insights, and handle operations. Apart from these, you can also use its tools to plan and execute campaigns as well as to see the effectiveness of your investments. The following are the top 6 apps for dynamics 365 that you need to consider:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Business Edition)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is considered to be the promising first step after a mishandled first try at a marketing automation software solution. It is basically the business edition of Dynamics 365. That means it is not high-powered, so it might not be right for you if want an Enterprise Edition CRM. Regardless, the key functionalities of this edition are excellent and will suffice for most businesses. They include event planning, email marketing, and monitoring leads for sales.

  1. Adobe Marketing Cloud

You might want to see if the Adobe Marketing Cloud will be useful to you and your business. Recently, Microsoft and Adobe established a partnership in order to help customers looking for an Enterprise edition CRM tool. Overall, the functionality of Adobe Marketing Cloud is exceptional. As the system’s preferred marketing service, users should see a huge improvement. It will be particularly useful for bigger companies with ample budgets.

  1. ClickDimensions

Of course, let us not forget about ClickDimensions. This application is created only for the Dynamics CRM so all of its features have been tailored for Dynamics CRM. The features of ClickDimensions include web tracking, lead scoring, and Email Marketing and Automation. Users will likely appreciate it as a low-cost marketing solution as well.

  1. PowerObjects Power Pack

This application is much like ClickDimensions since it also runs in the Dynamics CRM. It has a good modular licensing approach so you won’t be forced to adopt all of its functionality if you are not going to use it. It is also available at an affordable cost.

  1. Act-on Marketing

If you want more functionality, Act-on Marketing is perfect for you. It comes with a long list of features, each one more impressive than the last. This application seems to be very fitting for small businesses. It also has bonus features like event planning and webinars, which will be very useful.

  1. Marketo

Regarded as one of the thought leaders when it comes to Marketing Automation, Marketo has constantly impressed everyone in the field. It also has the capability to synchronize data with Dynamics CRM. Aside from this, it also offers processes like multi-channel marketing and automation.


When choosing the right solution, you should keep in mind your business’s particular needs and budget and also the willingness to try out a tool that can help your business. Make sure to list down the weaknesses of the business to find the right applications to use. There are plenty of options out there and more will likely come out in the future. Dynamics 365 is truly a worthwhile investment if you are concerned about making your business more efficient and productive.