With your employees out of reach while on the road, you can be filled with worry about their safety. You never know when accidents can occur, and the last thing you want is for one of your drivers to be involved in a serious incident or have something happen to one of your vehicles. That’s why it’s crucial for you to invest in dash cams for your fleet vehicles. Dash cameras are cameras that run continuously and can record the view from a vehicle’s windshield or rear or side windows.

There are many benefits to using dash cams, with one of those benefits being increased driver safety. Below, we provide five ways dash cams improve the safety of your drivers.

1. Increase Security

While it’s human nature to trust others, you never know when someone has malicious intent to harm or steal a vehicle. Fleet trucks and vans are expensive and having one of them stolen or damaged can put a significant dent in your business operations. And when the thief or vandal isn’t found, you can be stuck with paying for some or all of the damages or stolen property.

With a fleet dash cam, however, you’ll be able to have substantial evidence when theft or damage happens to one of your vehicles. Most dash cameras have dual cameras, one that faces the road and one that faces the driver. Some dash cameras can even turn on while the vehicle is parked if they detect any motion going on, and will begin recording. Then, if someone tries to break into the vehicle, the dash cam can send an alert to the driver through a built-in app using cloud storage.

For example, if a driver stops at a gas station and goes inside to purchase a snack or beverage and someone tries to steal their vehicle, a dash camera paired with a GPS tracking system will alert the driver, who will be able to contact law enforcement. Then, the video surveillance will be able to be used as evidence in court. However, to better avoid incidents like these happening, give yourself peace of mind by investing in steering wheel locks, security alarms, and wheel locks to fully secure your vehicles.

2. Keep Accurate Records of Accidents

Along with increased security, dash cams allow you to keep accurate records of accidents. Whether it’s your own driver’s fault or another’s, dash cameras serve as ample evidence when it comes to he-said-she-said accidents. With actual proof, you’ll be able to decipher the cause of the accident to ensure the driver at fault is held accountable. Dash cams, initially used by law enforcement officials, are now commonly by businesses and is a digital tech trend that will ensure your business succeeds and is safe on the road.

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3. Improve Responsibility

When drivers know they’re being monitored, they will drive safer and smarter. With a dash cam recording both the driver and the road, drivers will be less likely to partake in unsafe driving habits, such as texting and driving, speeding, and distracted driving. However, if a driver continues to exhibit hazardous driving habits, having video surveillance will make the termination process easier with solid evidence. Slowly but surely, legislation such as MAP-21 and increased pressure to install dash cams is changing the rules of the road for corporations using fleet vehicles.

4. Boost Driving Records

Dash cams not only hold fleet drivers accountable for their driving, but they can also be used to boost their driving records. You can require your drivers to review video footage of themselves driving to have them identify safe and unsafe driving habits. This will allow them to make improvements to their driving to increase efficiency and safety. Dash cams, along with EPR solutions, are great ways to improve fleet management by using data to analyze your employees’ driving to increase safety and cut down on costs.

5. Create Safety Programs

Finally, you can use video footage from dash cams to create safety programs for new and veteran drivers. With dash cam footage, you’ll be able to replay safe driving habits and unsafe driving habits, that will allow drivers to identify ways to reduce accidents, cut down on idling, and make better decisions behind the wheel. You can also pair your own safety program with a certified driving safety program to ensure your employees don’t face any emergencies while on the road.

Wrapping Up

Dash cams come with a variety of benefits to ensure your drivers and vehicles are kept safe. From monitoring driving habits to increasing the security of your vehicles, dash cams are essential tech business owners with fleet drivers need to invest in.