Road trips are among the most popular vacation options for families in the US. According to the Enterprise Annual Weekend Getaway Survey, 85 percent of respondents said they planned to escape on a weekend trip in 2018. This is an increase of 7% from 2017, which is proof of the ever-rising popularity of road trips in the country.  Road trips are fun and allow you to see more places. They are flexible and more affordable compared to other getaway options. But what happens during an emergency on a road trip? Your smartphone should have that answer.

Smartphones are a must-have device for all your travels. During a road trip, they offer a lifeline through a plethora of emergency apps. These apps offer more than the traditional 911 emergency line. They offer immediate help depending on your location and specific emergency. Whether your car has broken down or you are lost, there’s an app that can get you back on the road.

Here is a list of smartphone apps that will come handy during an emergency on your road trip. They can make all the difference during your travels.

  1. St John Ambulance First Aid(free for Android and iOS)

St John Ambulance First Aid is one of the most important apps when you want to travel. For a road trip, this app comes in handy during emergencies due to its well-detailed first aid page. You will find crucial advice for dealing with all medical emergencies from choking and drowning to colds and allergic reactions.

  1. Life360 (free for Android and iOS)

During a road trip, you will most likely use back roads to get a chance to see the country. It thus easy to get lost in these unfamiliar areas.  Life360 is a handy app in such emergencies. This all-in-one tracking system sends a distress signal to your family and friends in case of emergencies. For the premium app, you get longer location history and additional alerts.

  1. Here WeGo (free for Android and iOS)

Getting lost is the last thing you want during a family road trip. While every smartphone comes with mapping tools, these might not work in the backcountry. The Here WeGo app is the best alternative to Google Maps when traveling the back roads.

Using the app, you can download maps in advance and use them later without an internet connection. This app gives turn-by-turn directions to guide you on the road.

  1. American Red Cross (free for Android and iOS)

Medical emergencies are common during road travel. Whether someone is sick or has a car accident, the American Red Cross comes in handy. This app lends a hand on any medical situation. During an emergency, it is advisable to call an ambulance first, but if this is not possible, this app is a lifesaver.

  1. Weather Underground (free for Android and iOS)

When planning your road trip, the weather is a major consideration. You should always have the weather in mind, and this is where the Weather Underground app comes in handy. It sends notifications about incoming storms or tornadoes. With this information, you can create a better plan for your road trip or make changes to stay out of danger.

  1. Google Translate (free for Android and iOS)

The Google Translate app is important to have in case of emergencies across the border. This app is free for Android and iOS and important if you need help in unfamiliar surroundings.  You can translate directions by scanning road signs using the phone’s camera. The app translates the directions in text or audio format to get you out of a jam.

  1. Offline Survival Manual (free for Android)

A road trip is never complete without camping and other outdoor activities.  When enjoying outdoor fun with your family or friends, it is not unusual for medical emergencies to arise. The Offline Survival Manual is a great resource during such emergencies. It offers medical aid help for bites, stings, and environmental injuries, among other emergencies.

  1. WebMD (free for Android and iOS)

WebMD is one of the most detailed resources for medical information. If someone is not feeling well during a road trip, you can diagnose the problem using this app. The app provides causes, symptoms and treatment of multiple medical emergencies. There’s an offline first aid page on the app to help deal with any emergencies on the road.

  1. React Mobile (free for Android and iOS)

When planning your road trip, you have to factor in emergencies and how to handle them. The React Mobile is a free Android and iOS app that you should include in your travel plan list. You can add a list of contacts on the app to keep an eye on your GPS location as you travel.

In case of an emergency, there is a Help Me button to alert people you’ve included on the contact list. These people will contact emergency services on your behalf. It is a lifesaver if you get through to other emergency services.

  1. Earthquake/Tornadoes, Hurricanes, And Floods: American Red Cross (free for Android and iOS)

During a road trip, you need the right weather information to stay safe. American Red Cross has free weather and earthquake alert apps for Android and iOS. These apps send alerts about risk zones and track hazards on a map. You will also get alerts on tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods to stay safe while on the road.

Other apps that will come handy during your road trip include:

  • FEMA(for weather warnings, safety tips, the locations of shelters)
  • In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.)
  • Honk for roadside assistance
  • Medical ID ( for your medical history during an emergency)
  • Bugle (free notification service during emergencies
  • Kitestring to alert your contacts when in trouble
  • Family Locater to alert your family on your whereabouts
  • Red Panic Button to send your GPS location to your contact person in case of an emergency
  • SirenGPS to send an SOS to 911 when in trouble
  • Disaster Alert for weather alerts across the world including storms, volcanos, wildfires, earthquakes, and floods
  • iTriage to help you locate the nearest hospital during an emergency

For the best road trip experience, you have to prepare for emergencies. These travel apps are the first line of defense during an emergency. Make sure you download the best emergency app to suit your travel plans. It can make all the difference during a road trip.

Author: Floyd Davis is content writer for NoStop Content Services. He is a native of upstate NY but lives and works in sunny South Florida

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