Whether you conduct your operations from home or work from an established office, running a small business can produce stressful circumstances and unforeseen obstacles. Having the right technology to help you through the day-to-day operations can alleviate some of these stresses and make you more productive.

Today, we will provide you with 4 pieces of technology that you should consider getting for your small business to help things run more smoothly.

1) Virtual Phone System

Small businesses are often mobile in nature. Even if you work from an office, you may find yourself constantly leaving to meet with clients or run errands.

If you find that you are never in your office, and always away from your office’s phone, consider getting a virtual phone system. There are plenty of resources online, like a fair review of the Grasshopper virtual phone system, to help you determine the one that is best for your business’s needs.

Even if you need to be away from the office to get things done, you can’t let the mobile nature of your business affect your professional image. A virtual phone system will leave a good impression on clients, distributors, and others you may work with.

While a virtual phone system may sound appealing, make sure you could actually benefit from one before spending the money. If you are tied down to your office for most of the day to the nature of your work, or if you have a secretary whose job it is to answer business calls, the investment of a virtual phone system may not help your team operate in a more productive way.

As always, make sure the technologies you invest in won’t go to waste and are useful additions to your business.

2) Effective Training Software

As a small business, it is vital that each and every team member contributes their fair share of work and understands the nature of your operations. Invest in high-quality training software that allows you to customize lesson plans.

This way, you can ensure that team members are continuously learning new concepts and adapting to the ever-changing environment of your workplace. Having knowledgeable and well-trained employees will increase productivity and leave you feeling certain that you have a reliable team to count on.

3) Project Management Software

Now that you have properly coached employees, further productivity by getting project management software. This software should, ideally, be cloud-based so any team member can access data and applications from anywhere when it is deemed necessary.

With project management software, you will be able to assign work, submit projects, answer questions your employees may have, and send out reminders about due dates.

4) Credit Card Reader

This is essential for small businesses where customers regularly visit and make purchases. The days of paying with cash are becoming increasingly distant. Give your customers the convenience of paying with card. Also, you’ll be able to keep your finances safe by not having as much cash stored within the physical location of your office.

Research the different credit card readers on the market to secure the one that is right for your business. Note that most credit card readers will require you to pay a one-time price for the hardware itself, and then charge a per-transaction fee. Most businesses find these fees a small price to pay for the convenience that a credit card reader offers.

The Bottom Line

Do your small business (and yourself) a favor by investing in these 4 pieces of technology that will amp up your organization and simplify the way you work!