I have had the same e-mail address since high school and I have used it for almost everything. I have been a Yahoo mail user since the peak of the internet boom when Yahoo was worth close to $125 billion dollars, now Verizon is acquiring them for $4.83 billion.

It is sad considering in 2008 Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion before they started Bing search which launched on June 1, 2009. I really believe if Microsoft had purchased Yahoo at that point Google may not have gained all the ground it did so fast but that’s history.

Marissa Mayer took over as CEO in 2012 the former Vice President of Google Product Search. Over the next few years, she poured $2.1 billion into acquiring more than 50 startups but was unable to reverse the slide in Yahoo’s revenue. One of her key purchases as CEO was the $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr in 2013. In my feeling another useless purchase to try to turn Yahoo around almost as bad as the 2005 purchase of Flickr the acquisition reportedly cost $22 to $25 million and Yahoo did nothing with the service.

The Flickr purchase in 2005 just shows you how the company was on a downward spiral even then. I give Marissa Mayer credit by the time she came in I felt that it was already too late to save Yahoo. She came into a mess. Yahoo was and is a company with very little direction and a dated mission statement.

Then in April of 2013 WWE and Yahoo! announced their partnership at the Yahoo! Digital Content NewFront event in New York City. WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon announced that WWE would be using Yahoo! as the premier global video distribution partner for WWE, with a dedicated hub on Yahoo! for all WWE content. Another announcement and partnership that was announced not promoted and went nowhere very fast. The partnership was a bad attempt at using the popularity of WWE to drive traffic to Yahoo and persuade users to use Yahoo services it did not work out for either company.

Verizon at times is no better than Yahoo in its business strategies. Verizon Wireless is making money cause of the booming cell phone market. But Verizon for years has been trying to hang on to the money making dated landline network with is going to be out of data in 10 years with IP phones and SIP lines. Verizon purchases AOL on May 12, 2015, for $4.4 billion another company with very little direction and dated technology despite a few popular websites. The joke is what old company with outdated technology will Verizon buy next MySpace?

Now with Yahoo admitting to over 500 million accounts hacked back in September and now another billion accounts compromised it just shows how bad Yahoo is now with little chance of a turnaround. Not to mention the billion-user database was sold on the internet underground last August for $300,000 according to an article on thenextweb.com. This just shows you how not valuable a Yahoo account really is on the internet these days.

I have deleted my Yahoo account using the steps off their website explaining How To Delete A Yahoo Account. The site not only is insecure and unsafe but the company will never change it’s a sinking ship with no money and I think with a very little chance for a turnaround. I have to say goodbye to one of my favorite sites on the web. Good Bye Yahoo it was fun while it lasted.