I have been behind on posting updates on the house but I figured I would post an update on the current state of this old house that my wife and I bought. I have not decided what call this series yet the handyman, this old house, home improvement or maybe tool time. All joking aside if you think of any names for the series leave them in the comments below. The following is about two weeks worth of work.

We went to replace broken windows and it turned out that the wall itself had years of water damage that was never taken care of until we bought the place. I framed out the window using 2×4 boards I bought at the local ACE Hardware (I try to keep my business local when I can) and screws. I ripped out all the rotted wood and replaced with fresh and strengthened up beams around it. I then used OSB board and foam to seal off leaks I will try find some matching siding to finish come spring. I sheet rocked around the new windows and will add the molding after paint.

Before Window Changed

In and Out of Window Repair


I had to change the front door due to the door probably being well over 100 years old and splitting in the middle. I had to add a backdoor as well since there was not one on the house.

Back Door

Before and After of The Front Door


Since the house was sagging in the middle we needed to jack the house up using two 12 ton jacks. I recommend not doing this unless your someone like myself with experience in construction. Using 4 x 4 and 6×6 studs and adding a 3 12 foot 2 x 10 and 2 x 8 headers we fixed all the floor sag issues in the basement and second floor. Next will be a new subfloor and studding walls.

Stay tuned as we continue to work on This Old House and continue this weekly fun series into our new home.