Microsoft launched Windows 8 yesterday morning to the public at an event in New York City.  The new Windows 8 operating system and Surface tablet are an effort by Microsoft to regain interest in the flagship product Windows, and compete against Apple and Google in ground lost in the mobile computing market.

Windows 8 devices and the company’s new Surface tablet, which aims to challenge Apple’s popular iPad went on sale at midnight on Thursday.  The new operating system offers something for everyone, touch-screen functionality for tablet enthusiasts, a slick new interface for the younger set, and multiple versions to make it compatible with traditional desktop PC software.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated at the launch

“We’ve reimagined Windows and we’ve reimagined the whole PC industry,”

Windows 8 has a new look that’s intended to create a seamless experience for users, whether they’re on PCs, tablets or smartphones.  Featuring a colorful array of tiles that fill the screen instead of the familiar start menu and icons, it’s designed especially for touch-sensitive screens.  Windows 8 will come pre-installed on almost all new computers from PC manufactures.

Anyone running a copy of Windows from the last decade can upgrade to Windows 8 for $40. Considering Windows 7 was a whopping $200 when it came out, Windows 8 is quite a deal.  Microsoft I be leave is doing this in an effort to get users off the old versions of there operating systems.  It will be interested to see how this play’s out for Microsoft they are taking a major gamble redesigning the look, price point and cross platform compatibility.