Two middle school students were suspended after seeing there teacher’s topless photo on class iPad.  How did this happen, very easily the teacher accidentally synced the nude photos herself onto a school issued iPad without knowing.

There has been much controversy over this situation.  The students were playing a game on the school issued iPad when after pressing a button a photograph of the teacher’s partially bare chest came up.  The students and the teacher have been disciplined, but this issue happened because of negligence on the teacher’s part.

Some of our readers have e-mailed me with concerns on this story

Most definitely the teacher was at fault here.  I hope, as the article, mentions, she will be disciplined.   In my opinion, she should lose her job, maybe her license.”

The article said the boys were disciplined because they violated the school’s technology policy.  If that’s the case, then that would be appropriate no matter what they saw.”

So when it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) there are things schools need to consider

  • Security Breaches Due to Stolen Devices
  • Knowledge Required Managing Devices
  • Knowledge Needed to Manage Security Protocols
  • Employees Introducing Malware
  • Educating Employees on Security and Operations of iOS, Droid and Kindle OS
  • Wireless Security Model and Scalability
  • Content Filtering
  • Application Compatibility
  • Curriculum integration

All these play a huge factor in byod there are products out there to help with the management.  Companies make products that allow schools to put policies in place that make authentication easy to manage based on device, and user.  For smaller districts mac authentication is another option allowing you to use a secure wireless and dhcp, however for larger districts this maybe a management and time drain on a small IT department.

I think that with the currently budget issues and restraints in schools byod is something that is here to stay.  More young people feel why should I memorize something when I can quickly look it up on my phone, in this digital world this holds very true.  With the tablet market boom and app support I think the one-to-one computing with byod is something we will see in the next one or two years if not sooner.