Although Windows 10 feature updates undergo a lot of testing via the Windows Insider program, it’s only once a new update gets released that any major unresolved problems come to light.

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is set to begin rolling out officially next week, but anyone can install it now via Windows Update, and of those who have, a growing number have reported that the upgrade has wiped their personal files.

According to reports on both Reddit and Twitter, some users have found that the upgrade wiped files stored in their Documents and Photos folders. I updated my PC on Tuesday and can report that all my files are exactly where they were — thankfully — but complaints are building.


Microsoft is pushing people so hard to Windows 10 and that’s great but they got to remember with this great power comes great responsibility. They can’t keep making mistakes like this if they want people to move over to Windows 10 and get off old operating systems.