Apple has once again released new phones in the month of September gearing up for the holiday buying season. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR look amazing and will sell great for Apple I am sure of this but there were some changes this year I would like to point out a few things about to everyone.

In years past Apple has always kept the previous year’s phone as the cheaper lower cost option for consumers. This year Apple did not do that as they completely removed the iPhone X from their website but kept the iPhone 7 and last year’s iPhone 8 with the old form factor and home button as options.

I would like to point out as well that Apple has completely removed the iPhone SE from the website as their cheap option to get users into an iPhone with a lower price point but kept the iPhone 7. The iPhone SE offered exactly similar internals as the iPhone 6S and sported the same 12MP camera capable of shooting 4K footage. iPhone SE was the last flagship 4-inch iPhone that Apple manufactured and brought back after the smaller size had been discontinued and was thought to be a replacement for the iPhone 5C that failed miserably.

Now the most affordable and smallest iPhone Apple sells is the 4.7” iPhone 7 costing 100 bucks more than the iPhone SE at $499 I think this is an excellent phone at a great price but I will miss the SE.

If Apple were to replace the iPhone SE I doubt that it would have quietly retired the current iPhone SE until its replacement was ready to be announced. It looks like the days of the iPhone SE are over its sad as it was the last of the original Apple form factor size from 10 years ago.

I think the other reason to discontinue the iPhone SE is manufacturing due to the smaller size it may be cheaper for Apple to manufacture iPhone 7 and 8 size phones as the same size then add another size to the manufacturing run but again I am guessing.

If you have an iPhone SE or want to buy one do not worry Apple will still be supported, it for as long as the iPhone 6s.