The famous server that hosted Wikileaks during its controversial release of secret U.S. State Department cables is now for sale on eBay. It was going for $25,200 as of Monday morning. The Wikileaks server belongs to the Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof. The company rented it out to the nonprofit Wikileaks in 2010, when the organization began disclosing highly-guarded U.S. government records.

The server is a Dell Poweredge R410 blade server from 2010. The server was put on displayed for a while in as a museum at the Thule Brunkow Ridge data center in central Stockholm, as a symbol for our values as a hoster and ISP. The company can prove the authenticity of the item by showing Julian Assange signature on the hosting contract where the ID of this particular server is noted.

The ebay item specifations read:

“This is indeed the physical web server from which the leaked cablegate material was released, complete with hard drives, motherboard and everything! It can be plugged in and used immediately. We ourselves put it on a pedestal and displayed it as a museum item in our underground Thule Brunkow Ridge data center in central Stockholm, as a symbol for our values as a hoster and ISP.Note: The physical server is owned by Bahnhof. Wikileaks rented the server as part of a hosting contract. It was never used for any other client than Wikileaks.* For closer specification, see the page of the eBay auction. All hardware is original, including the hard disks. Those have however been erased according to the U.S. specification DoD 5220.22-M where every byte of the hard disk is overwritten several times. The original information cannot be recreated, not even by NSA”

All profits from the sale go to  non-profit organization Reporters Without Borders and to, the 5th of July Foundation that works for freedom of opinion and expression and for upholding the right to privacy on the Internet.


Wikileaks server was at auction on eBay and has ended with a closing bid of more than $30,000 but you know a Teen was bidding on the equipment during the ten-day auction period. Unfortunately, he will not receive his goods because he was bidding from his Father’s eBay account, Teen bid eight times during the ten-day auction period, starting at $10,200 and eventually winning the auction with a final bid of $33,000.