Motorola was bought over by Google and then everyone was waiting for a better operating system and a fine hardware in the phone that is coming up. The Moto X is the first phone that is coming up as a result of Google’s hard work and imagination. The Motorola Moto X price in India approximately Rs.12,000/- for the model with 16 GB storage. The 32 GB variant is approximately Rs.15, 500/- and these prices are now based on the performance of the phone and its superb looks.

Active Display for saving Battery life

The Moto X is now in the market from Google and you will be able to enjoy the Android 4.2.2 version. The customized version of the phone gives you a good base and the notifications are features that the customers will find important. When there is a message on your screen, the AMOLED screen display lights up and you can know about a receipt of the message. You can tap on the message and read the message directly. You can also use the touch screen to swipe away the message. This is a unique way to save battery life, which is what Motorola describes as Active Display functionality. This gives you more battery life.

Screen display with comfortable resolution

The display of the Moto X has got 4.7” 720P display. The pixel density of the display is 316 pixels. The 720 p screen gives comfortable reading ability with the pixel density and the touch of professional excellence. The web browsers also are seen with ease with or without any images in them. The phone has got AMOLED screen with the RGB pixel settings. The vibrant colors and the high contrast are reflected on the screen with proper balance. The color balance change with visibility in daylight or at night.

Small profile easy for grips

The Motorola Moto X price in India is not very expensive but the design of the Smartphone is good for the busy consumers. The body is snug and fits within your hand. The 129.3 mm of height and 65.3 mm width phone is slim with a large screen. The thickness is 5.6 mm to 10.4 mm and this makes the handset quite small in size for carrying it all over the city. The Moto X has got a weight of 130 grams, which is lighter than many of the other Smart phones. The rounded edges and rubberized casing in plastic ensures that you do not slip the phone. Gorilla glass protection is there to avoid scratches.

Camera for a sharp picture

The Moto X has got a 10 megapixel camera and this can be the best camera among other Smart phones. The Motorola Moto X price in India can hover around the Rs.12000 to Rs.15, 500 for this superb camera of the phone. The camera can give you sharp photos that can be captured at a very fast rate with ample exposure to light. You will also find the Quick Capture mode in the menu that is a lot of fun. The camera can be shaken to activate the camera. The motion sensor will turn on the camera automatically. The camera gives you low light photos and completely blurs free photos in daylight. The second front facing camera is of 2 megapixels and is for chatting. The 16.9 aspect ratio feature of the camera gives you way to take pictures when you are on the move.

Form of Moto brightens with different shade of colors

The Moto X comes with a range of body colors that you can choose from. This feature is called Moto Maker. The color options are for the front part, back of the body, accents and the buttons. The front panels have black or white color to choose from. There are 18 colors for the back panel and this range from cool colors to the neutral shades and the warm colors. The side mounted buttons can be changed and there are seven colors from which you can choose these button shades.

The ring that is formed around the lens of the camera can reflect any of these seven colors too. There are total 504 variants of color of the Moto X for you to choose from. The colors are of matt shade and are elegant in shades. The shade that you choose will give warmth to the phone. When you are buying this phone, you must find out the Motorola Moto X price in India. You will get the option to select two colors for the front panel and there will be eighteen shades for the back panels. You will be able to choose seven colors for the accent.

Processor and Internal Memory

The X8 Mobile computing system is installed in the Moto X by Google as it seems the best option. The chipset gives it the power of competing with the other Smart phones of similar price range. The CPU named X8 has got wonderful performance that it provides to the hardware of the Smartphone. The Moto X comes with 2GB RAM and hence is faster in operating. The phone comes either with a 16 GB internal memory or you can choose the 32 GB for storage. Google do not find micro SD card slot to be effective for the phone.

Google Now is always at your service

The Control of the Moto X is a touch less control. This is convenient for the users as they get to use a lot of functions without even touching it. The verbal instructions are good for setting the Moto to work. The instructions to check weather forecast, web search for proper information and setting of alarm can be given to your Moto by verbal communications. The instructions should start with the words – ‘Okay Google Now’ and this is therefore called the Google Now facility. You will find this Google Now feature is always on in your phone. This feature makes your phone a responsive gadget that has efficient senses.

You will find the Moto X stands tall in the crowd of Smart phones that have different features and alluring designs. The customization is a unique feature. The Motorola Moto X price in India has been announced for all the states as this phone starts retailing in India. The choice of its storage and color depends on you. You will also be able to get your name imprinted on the body of the handset with a welcome message especially from Motorola.

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