Think Google Maps are just for directions? Think again – the popular map’s Street View also offers a world of the weird and wonderful if you know where to look. Read on for some of the strangest things on Earth, as seen by Google Maps…

When Google Maps made its debut in 2005 it revolutionised maps as we knew them, and then again with the introduction of Street View. These days we can navigate a new neighbourhood and even see inside local businesses from behind our computer screens or on the go from our mobile phones.

The wonders of satellite imaging have not only made it easier to find where you’re going – it’s also uncovered a whole world of weird and wonderful oddities right here on earth.

Want to see a few for yourself? Check out 5 of our favourite Google Map finds…

  • The Heart-shaped island

Who says geography isn’t romantic? This heart shaped island off the coast of Croatia in the Mediterranean – once called Gakesnjak – was renamed Lovers’ Island shortly after its owner realised the potential and started inviting couples to pack their sleeping bags and come for a stay on the otherwise deserted landmass.


  • Welcome to Cleveland

Perhaps securing his title as the ultimate prankster, Wisconsin resident Mark Gubin decided to take it upon himself to send a little welcome message to travellers making their final descent into Mitchell International Airport. The message? Welcome to Cleveland. The photographer painted the sign on the flat roof of his home/studio – a message that’s been confusing visitors since 1978.


  • A giant pink bunny

Yep, that’s as weird as it sounds. No longer is Italy simply the international capital of pizza – it’s also the international capital of gigantic plush toys. This one was spotted out in a field in the Artesina Province of Cuneo. While we’d love to be able to tell you the story behind this one – the internet is still trying to work it out.


  • Leprechaun Lawn

Ever needed proof of Leprechauns? Well, now you’ve got it. This Shamrock-shaped maze outside of Dublin is located just off the motorway safely hidden from view behind some greenery. No word on whether there’s a pot of gold if you find the centre.


  • Swimmers on dry land

The good people of Street View chanced upon a fish out of water – or rather, two snorkelers in lawn chairs. The underwater explorers decided to make a pit stop on dry land and even go so far as to chase the cameraman down the street.


Have you ever found anything funny on Google Maps?

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