Developing web applications that would run perfectly on mobile phones is a tricky job. Even with powerful software frameworks like Java Spring, it is still a hitch for developers. This is mainly due to the smartphone’s screen size, and its computing power. It’s sure that all this would have seemed very unfamiliar, especially if you are not a technologically-sound person. Spring is a popularly used framework for developing web applications. Programmers trust this framework for solving all sorts of problems pertaining to software evolution.

Importance of Java Spring in Mobile App Development

Spring for Android is designed to smoothly run applications on smartphones and tablets that use the Android platform. Thus, in mobile app development space, Spring plays an important role today.

It is with the help of Java Spring that REST template can be easily used by the Android clients. REST is a kind of web protocol that stands for Representation State Transfer. Apart from its usage in supporting REST template, Android Spring framework also supports social integration with the Android application while maintaining the protocol.

Integration of Social Platforms

Popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be easily integrated. Spring Android, with its every release from REST template to Social support, is consistently reviving its application to make the process smooth and secure with the help of protocol. There is no doubt that social media is an important part of every app and so the professional developers are working very hard to give the users best possible environment for ensuring seamless social connectivity.

Job Prospects

There is a good scope in the market for application developers and there are plenty of high-paying jobs in this industry. But, you need to prepare yourself to face some tricky spring interview questions.

Spring is going to be a useful framework for Android for a long time till an equally competitive framework is designed. Like Android is the most popular operating system in the mobile phone industry, demand for Spring will continue to rise because of its unbeatable support for Android phones.

Ease of Maintaining and Extending Codes

With the help of spring framework in Android OS, it is easier for developers to understand the source code. Even maintaining and extending the codes is not very difficult. The reduced size of source codes makes implementation of new functions effective in less time.

Minimal Testing Efforts

Moreover, the time and cost required for testing is also reduced because of Spring acting as dependency injection. In case of long term projects, the applications require constant update and maintenance and Spring makes this job easier with low costs. Customer satisfaction was reported to be increased with the new launch and update of spring. This smart Android framework takes care of the bug rates in the application. It ensures low bug rates in the app.

Few Potential Drawbacks

Just like every coin has a flip-side, there are some drawbacks as well in Spring framework, but the advantages overtake those minute loop holes. For example, complex configuration and less transparency in source codes are some areas that need betterment. But, on the whole, the contribution of Spring framework to Android mobile applications has proved to be very beneficial to say the least.

So, if you want to enter this field, you must understand the basics, and prepare well, before appearing for an interview.

Author Bio – Robert Woods is a web developer by profession. With an experience of more than 20 years in this industry, he is considered as one of the veterans in web technology.