PlayStation is one of the most interesting devices till date. There are hundreds of people playing games on their PlayStation. So whether you’re an adult or a kid, PlayStation has everything to entertain you. While being one of the best devices to run games, PlayStation users face loads of problem in running the device successfully.

Thus, today we’ll be discussing few common PS4 errors and their solutions. There are varied solutions to every error arranged in a way where simple ones can be followed first, however, if you’re unable to solve the issue, there are other methods as well.

#Error 1 – Randomly turning off

PS4 has a problem of randomly turning off repeatedly. This not only annoys the users but destroys the working condition of the PlayStation. Although sony has transformed the old PS4 into a new classic piece of device, it’s rare to encounter this error on any PS4 device. So people who are encountering this error, please follow the steps below:-

  • Please check that the device is not overheated due to a long hour of working. In this case, let the PlayStation breathe and rest for an extended period of time.
  • Cleaning the Hard disk with a soft brush will surely do the magic for you.
  • Sometimes the HDMI cable is broken or not working properly, in that case, change the cable as early as possible and enjoy unlimited games on your PS4.

#Error 2 – Ejecting empty player


So if your PS4 is trying to eject the disc from an empty player, here is a simple fix for this.

  • Unplug all the wires and cables from their power sources.
  • Let the device be turned off for at least ten to twenty seconds.
  • Once done, just plug in the wires, switch on the PlayStation
  • Now go back to your gaming, judge the working condition and better, you’re done!

#Error 3 – Sudden freeze


Game freezing on a sudden not can irritate and annoy players. It normally freezes due to network, old version or overheating. It can also lead to Destiny Marionberry Error Code which is caused due to problems in the networking setup. Please follow the steps below to get rid of this problem:-

  • Install the new updated version of PS4 by Sony. This will help you to get rid of an old PS4  version with other bugs and hiccups.
  • If this doesn’t work, please see if your PlayStation is settled on a plane surface with a ventilated environment. If not, then it’s vital to provide it a little air to breathe and some relaxation for today.
  • Shut down also helps to resolve the problem as early as possible. For this, just eject the disc, press turn on/off button and simultaneously press the eject button. This will close the game in safe mode.

These were the most common errors of PS4. Although Sony has already resolved all the issues internally, if you still encounter the errors, it’s always better to first contact the service center and then try on different methods.

Author Bio: Jessica is an engineering graduate who found her passion in blogging and now does freelance blogging. She loves tech talks and thus shares her passion for writing by blogging. Apart from this, she loves reading books and travelling the world!