In today’s erratic world, SEO marketing strategies and trends change instantaneously. It requires constant rebooting, constant revaluation and reinvention. Webmasters and entrepreneurs who want to maintain their rankings and traffic should and must always be in search of new trends and strategies to help them stay relevant in this rapidly shifting field.

This notwithstanding, it can be a daunting task to always know what really works, what needs to be done and what improvements are necessary. This is an extremely competitive space in which you need some guidance. In this article, we outline trends that will help take your origination’s SEO and marketing a notch higher.

Developing Value Content

Content rules over all. It remains king and this status will stand as such for quite some time. Having high-value content will get you high rankings on search engines and more specifically Google which is the world’s leading knowledge space. But why do you need to develop great content?

It is common knowledge that the more time a user spends on your website, the better. However, they will not stick around if they aren’t getting value for their time and money. In reality, you must harness both quality and quantity. They both count and they both play a key role in improving your ranking.

Make it more engaging and captivating. When carrying out a Google search, users wish to find information that will gratify their desires. In developing content, special attention should be placed on on-page SEO. More and more classy crawlers are giving special care to user –friendly URLs and linking. You must, therefore, evaluate, understand and endeavor to give your visitors just what they want.

Video optimization

In recent years, images have continued to play a key role in ranking website pages for better performance. However, videos are becoming more and more popular, in some cases doing far much better than images because of their ability to engage deeply. There is a higher attraction of online audience to videos; it comes as a wise move to plug in fascinating and edifying content through videos on your website. You will be amazed as to how many people have a preference for watching videos as opposed to reading a large text. Always be careful and clever when picking out keywords for your videos.

In addition, the quality of pictures and sound on your videos will determine just how valuable they are to your audience. Most importantly, don’t give videos just for the sake of it. Let them add value to the message you are sending to your audiences.

Go For Search Tools Beyond Google

Although Google is still the king of search, it also optimizes your content for Amazon and Apple. Amazon is among the most sorts after company online. It, therefore, means that most people selling a product or service will conduct an Amazon keyword search. Equally, Apple Store and other related applications have been proven important for driving traffic.

In these changing times, shift your focus to all the avenues that can get you more traffic, as this will increase your chances to get more clients. Use them to your advantage and do it wisely. Always bear in mind that online markets never give instantaneous results. It takes time, patience is key.

Optimize for Mobile

Studies demonstrate that over 60 percent of traffic comes from mobile phone apps, a large percentage of people spend most of the time on their phones browsing mostly on Apps. Webmasters should, therefore, comprehend the distinctive organic search algorithms .keeping in mind factors like open through rate, engagement and keyword performances.

The main element here, though is to ensure that your content is accessible on mobile easily and readily without as much hustle. Engage an expert such as Perth SEO JoelHouse if you dim it important so that they can assist you in coding and programming the website for optimal performance on the mobile devices.

There is a huge potential brought about by wide mobile penetration and you can use this to your advantage.

High speed for your pages.

Increasing your website speed is vital to its overall performance. The faster your website loads the better rankings you will get as visitors get like quick responses. Website speed has always been an essential element of the user experience. With the expanding number of crawlers its ideal for your website to take less than a second to load .to achieve this, you can enlist the help of a qualified developer.

Influencer marketing

There is a new breed, a new style of marketing for modern needs. It is called influencer marketing. It has so much changed the scene that consumers now look up to and rely on this influencer to gain trust over brands and product. If an influencer says it is good enough, their followers will easily sing to the same tune. Old-style approaches have been overwhelmingly challenged by social media. Use these platforms to send your message out there and align yourself with the modern consumer and their needs.

Influencer marketing involves engaging an authoritative individual or brand to send out a message about you. Of course, it may be an expensive affair but it works and may have really positive results.

There is a lot of power in having someone vouch for your business. The force behind in influencer marketing comes from the broad idea that influencer are ordinary people, not personalities: they could be just like you and since they guarantee for your product or brand, it must be fruitful for you as well

But you can also use your social media pages without the involvement of an influencer. It may take time to build up a reliable follower base but you will eventually get there.


While the use of the mobile phone in increasing in relation to the search engine, videos are subjugating. More users are using voice-driven search .we must constantly continue to create relevant content to meet our user’s needs. With these crafted well sort out trends, they will help you attract your prospect customers and satisfy them. Staying updated and putting the above knowledge into consistency use and not forgetting the importance of having a relevant audience will keep you an edge above your competitors.