In the business world, you must stand out to be successful. Companies all over the world sell you things that make your company stand out online like Google Local, Facebook Ads, banner ads and much more. The list of things to make your business stand out goes on and on and these things can get expensive depending on clicks and site placement. There are three ways to advertise that are not online that can really help your business mailings, classified ads, and billboards.

Business Mailings is a great way to get new business. When a potential customer is opening their mail for a few seconds you have that person’s full attention. Using bright coloured envelopes and paper that stands out like pastel or neon color is great as that piece on mail will be open first and very rarely get discarded. Plus you always remember a bright color or unique envelope compared to the stand flat white looking envelope.

Classified ads can be another way to really grab new business. With this type of advertising, you need to look at your target market. If you are selling health insurance, medications or computer repair generally this would be the place to advertise. The baby boomers are the generation that gets the daily paper still so if you have a product targeted at that age bracket this is the spot to advertise. With the decline of the newspaper business, you can usually get a bargain on these ads depending on the paper’s distribution.

Billboards are some of the best advertising because you don’t have to worry about the target market. If the person sees the sign and needs your product or service they will call. Just like the classifieds where a person must get the paper, you must rely on a person driving by the sign to see the ad. The best way to get your sign noticed is to pick a busy location like main road or highway a sign on a back road no one drives is a waste of money.

I still say business mailings are the best because you don’t have to worry about if the person gets the paper or drives by the sign. While both of those are great forms of advertising business mailings are the best because you are sending the advertising directly to the potential customers they have to see it and read it which guarantees your best chance of success.