Thinking that Search Engine Optimization is not for you because you’re a small local business? This is not the case there are tons of Google features designed specifically for local business that we can help you with to improve your customer base.

In Google My Business, you will be able to claim your business listing (a.k.a. Google Maps Listing, Google Places Listing, or Google Plus Local Business Page) that Google may or may not have already created for you. Google creates maps listings for local businesses because Google wants as much information as possible for its own use. Therefore, you may have a Google Maps/Places/Local listing already out there. (P.S. Google likes to constantly change the name of things if you haven’t already noticed).

The easiest way to find your Google listing if is to go to and click on “Get on Google.” Then search for your business name. If it does exist, you can follow their instructions for claiming your business.  They may tell you that they need to “create a Google+ page.” Go ahead and do that, then proceed on to the verification process.

You can verify your listing in one of two ways in most instances. One is immediately over the telephone. Google will call your business phone number if you choose this option, so make sure you’re in the office at the time. The second verification option is to verify by postcard. Google will send a postcard to your business address with a 6 digit pin number on it. You will then enter that pin number into your dashboard on Google My Business.  If you have any trouble with this process, you can actually call Google for support, and they are actually quite helpful.

Now that you are verified, you should see a check mark next to your business name on your Google Maps/Places/Local listing page.  Congrats you are now on Google My Business

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