We are very firmly in a digital age now and it seems like many of the jobs which once existed will now be vanishing, replaced by technology. However, there are always going to be jobs left behind for humans to fill and those industries are booming. Let’s take a look at some of the tech jobs which are unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Circuit Board Designer

Nearly every piece of tech out there, from our smartphones to our washing machines, is powered by a printed circuit board, otherwise known as a PCB. As tech only gets more complicated, the need for more complex PCBs arises and the designers are more than ready to meet that challenge.

If you want to dabble in PCB designing as a hobby, you should try downloading the design program from Altium.com. This is one of the designers which many big-name tech companies use all around the world. If you are thinking about making a career move into this industry, learning how to use Altium might be a good thing to do before you begin to apply for jobs.

Software Developer

So, the PCB designer makes the brain of the machine but the software developer is the one who makes sure that everything runs correctly. We are relying more and more on technology in this modern world of ours and with this comes some problems. Not only do we need a working machine to view things on but we also need to make sure that any sub-programs like apps or web browsers all work correctly.

This is where the role of the software developer comes in. They are the ones who ensure that a program runs smoothly and without bugs. It can be quite a complicated job as we demand an awful lot from our programs nowadays. Since we are always on the lookout for the latest program to make our lives all the easier, it is unlikely that we will see the role of the software developer disappear any time soon.

Web Designers

The internet is a wonderful place but it is also ever-changing. Web designers are needed to be able to keep up with all of these changes as they happen. There is an ever-changing pattern of requirements for web pages so they can be marked safe and it is often down to web designers to make sure that a website is always functioning the way it should.

This is all on top of the demand for new websites in the first place. It is pretty much a given nowadays that every new business needs a website and someone has to make them. As long as there is an internet, we can be guaranteed that there will be web designers to make content for it.

These are just three of the jobs which we can expect to stick around no matter how the tech industry changes in the future. Would you take a job in any of these careers?