The phrase “digital marketing” is everywhere, but exactly what does the term mean, and what are its implications for you and your small business? The truth is, this type of marketing is extremely important in today’s business world, and you may want to consider outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing defined

Digital marketing can loosely be defined as using the Internet to promote a brand. While the definition of digital marketing also includes strategies such as using digital billboards and any other types of digital devices, the engine of any digital marketing campaign is the Internet.

Using email allows you to target people who may be interested in your products and services or keep in close contact with those who already are. Building a social media presence allows you to get the word out about who you are and what you are selling on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and hopefully start an online conversation that leads to a good buzz.

Services such as Google AdWords use sophisticated algorithms to put advertising in front of the population that is interested no matter how small that group may be. Are you selling replacement parts for chainsaws? A digital marketing agency can make people online who are looking for those parts aware of your website. Additionally, re-targeting allows you to keep in touch with those same visitors after they have left your site.

With any digital marketing, the goal is to grab the attention of the user quickly. People won’t wait for a slow website to download, and they aren’t going to wade through content that’s poorly organized and densely written. A strong online campaign contains clear calls to action. If you want to sell bus tickets, for example, there can be links all through your digital presence that sends users directly to where you book online.

Designated landing pages help direct users to exactly where you want them to go. Once there, the old saying that a picture tells a thousand words is very much true. Successful online campaigns use bold, colorful imagery that helps tell the brand’s story.

How to get started

In the pre-digital days of marketing, brands would simply put advertising in print, on television and on radio and hope for the best after the fact. What’s different about digital marketing is that you can monitor exactly how well your online advertising is doing and tweak it accordingly in real time. Marketing software provides a range of analytics that show you who you are reaching and who you aren’t, and the result is that you get a fantastic return on your digital marketing dollars.

Unless you have a lot of time and a strong interest, it’s usually best to turn over your online campaign to a digital marketing agency. Crafted is an example of a great digital marketing agency that you can utilize to take care of this area. A good agency combines old-school understanding of effective communication techniques with high-tech sophistication, and they will work closely with you to learn about your brand, coordinate an online campaign and give you precise feedback. While taking the plunge into the world of online marketing can be scary, the right team of professionals can make the experience profitable and clear.