Hacking a computer network or system in an organization can cost a lot along with the loss of confidential data. Here comes the importance of an ethical hacker who hacks your system with prior permission to see if the security system is well protected. A number of hacking incidents have occurred recently which increased the demand for professionals who can detect the vulnerabilities in the system.

To be an ethical hacker, you have to take EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker or the CEH certification. This exam helps you gain all the knowledge and expertise to become an ethical hacker. For this, you need skills in areas such as SQL infection and malware threats among many others. Possessing these skills along with hands-on experience aids you in detecting the security breaches and suggesting ways to handle them. Here are some tips to crack the CEH exam with ease.

Useful tips to help you prepare for the tough CEH exam

  1. Familiarize with the exam

This rule holds true for any exam you are preparing for. To get familiar with CEH exam, you can go through the EC Council’s CEH website. It covers topics like exam details, duration and FAQs regarding the exam. It details the certification regulations which you must be aware of. You can check if you are eligible to take the exam. It is also necessary to find out which version of CEH you have the materials for. The current version is version 9 which has the latest updates.

  1. Use a study guide

Here are study guides provided by EC Council to explain the topics covered in the exam. There are five guides one each for each topic. You can rely on these for preparation as these are official books from EC Council. Each book gives you a clear understanding of the subjects covered. An alternative to these books is the CEHv9 which contains all the topics of the exam in a single book. It explains them in an informative way which the readers find easy to digest. It is easy to follow as each topic is detailed separately.

  1. Official CEH training

Taking an official ethical hacking course in Delhi would do more good than self-study. Joining for classroom training will get you in touch with an expert instructor who can guide you correctly. You can clarify your doubts with the instructor and have discussions with other students thereby gaining in-depth knowledge. The official courses help you know the official curriculum and get you access to learning materials pertaining to CEH. This means that you will be in line with the EC Council’s requirements for the exam including the right practice materials increasing your chances of passing the exam.

  1. Practise the exam questions

Try practice tests to find out if you are ready for the exam. You will get a feedback about your current level and take the right action to link your studies with the goal of gaining knowledge and skills to pass the exam. The practice tests have specially designed interview questions and answers for CEH professionals. Each topic has simple to advanced questions through which you can check if you have gained knowledge in depth or not. Going through practice papers is also a good way of revising what you have already learned and establishing the concepts in your mind.

  1. Become active in a forum

Being a part of a forum connects you to many like-minded people who are in the same situation as yours. You can have contact with people who are preparing for the exam or those who have already taken it. You can learn from their doubts and experiences and improve your study method. You will get information about what skill areas you need to focus for a better stand in the exam. Apart for the exam perspective, this will also give you extra knowledge which will be of help in your future jobs.

Like any other exam, CEH requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you opt to learn by yourself, make sure to follow a daily schedule of understanding the topics and taking practise tests. Following these five tips will definitely increase your chances of winning at the end.