G Suite for Education is in for a big change on August 1, 2017. Google will be disabling additional services for G Suite for Education. Google additional services are YouTube, Google Maps, Blogger, Google Analytics and any others Google service not defined as a G Suite Core Services which are Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Talk/Hangouts, and Vault.

Not all accounts are being affected just G Suite for Education domains created before April 22, 2016.

Google support states “If you have such an account and you don’t want these services disabled, you need to set up manual control for user access to these services before August 1. Unless you do, these services will be automatically disabled.”

You will have 3 options to pick from Manage Services myself, Turn off the services specified above for all users or Turn off the services above for all users, except for Google Play

Google goes on to say “For accounts which don’t select one of the 3 options above, Google will forcibly disable the Additional Services on their domain on August 1, 2017.”

This is something really for Google administrators or IT admins to worry about but if you’re an educator that uses these additional services and you notice they’re not working contact your IT department.

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